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CSR program «We Care!»

In 2016, Credit Agricole Bank launched a large-scale corporate social responsibility program called "We Care!”. 

As part of the program, the bank takes care of the environment, participates in charity events to help people in difficult circumstances, orphanages or social projects, and thanks its staff with fantastic team-building activities.

Below you will find more.



In October, Credit Agricole, with the support of the charity foundation "Your Support", purchased a horizontal exercise bike for the rehabilitation of pupils with a disability of the Zinkiv Children's Boarding School named after O. V. Siniahovsky at a cost of 26,000 hryvnias.

With the assistance of the charity foundation “Your Support”, Credit Agricole purchased an anesthesia and respiratory apparatus at the cost of UAH 2.1 million for the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of NAMS of Ukraine (IPOG).

In May, Credit Agricole, with the assistance of the “Your Support” charity foundation, purchased an anaesthetic machine, a compressor for it, and 4 sets of medical aspirators worth a total of UAH 1,945,000 for the Zaporizhia Regional Clinical Children's Hospital. Medical equipment has already been delivered and installed. The hospital is located in the region hub, which helps victims and migrants from the occupied territories.

Credit Agricole purchased to the Your Support Charitable Foundation a minivan at the cost of UAH 1 000 000 for the transportation of humanitarian aid. The car has already made two trips from Poland and Lviv with aid for people from the deoccupied Buchansky district and for children affected by the war in orphanages - delivered long-term food, diapers, linen, socks, and hygiene products for total amount of EUR 30 000.

Credit Agricole, with the support of the Your Support Charitable Foundation, purchased 2 lungs ventilators and 5 patient monitors at the total cost of UAH 3 700 000 for the Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Children's Hospital. Medical equipment has been already put into operation and saves the lives of small patients.

With the support of the Your Support Charitable Foundation, Credit Agricole has donated UAH 43 000 for purchasing medicines for the Ovruch City Hospital in the Zhytomyr Region.

In partnership with the Your Support Charitable Foundation, Credit Agricole purchased mattresses for UAH 41 000 to the Zhytomyr Regional Specialized Home of Children and Orphans. Thanks to the initiative, children are able to sleep more comfortably.

Credit Agricole purchased medicines for UAH 18 500 for the Vynohradiv Orphanage in the Zakarpattia Region in partnership with the Your Support Foundation.

Employees of Credit Agricole supported orphans in Nahujevychi, Lviv region - they bought clothes, hygiene products, food, medicine, games for the little ones and exercise books. 25 orphans from the Kharkiv Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children were evacuated to this institution.

Credit Agricole has donated UAH  5 000 000 to the Red Cross in Ukraine to provide vital support to people in this difficult time. After all, volunteers and Red Cross staff provide first aid to war victims, teach civilians how to provide first aid, and provide humanitarian aid.

Bodies of the Federation and Credit Agricole SA have created an emergency solidarity fund in the amount of 10 million EURO to help Ukrainians, where the priority will be to help children and employees of Credit Agricole Ukraine. It is funded equally by Credit Agricole SA and its structures, as well as the FNCA.

Credit Agricole, with the support of the Your Support Charitable Foundation, donated UAH 500 000 to help wounded soldiers and civilians. These funds will be used to buy medicines and food in Kyiv and other regions of the country.

Credit Agricole spent UAH 270 000 on an important humanitarian initiative from the Lviv IT Cluster. With these funds we support the centers of temporarily displaced people in Lviv and the region.

Credit Agricole presented a certificate for UAH 20,000 to the Center for Support of Women and Children "City of Good" in Chernivtsi. Now, 54 children and 20 mothers who found themselves in difficult circumstances live and receive social services here. These funds were used to purchase various products and household goods.

Credit Agricole Bank with the assistance of the charity fund “Your Support” donated computer equipment to Polohy center of primary health care, located in Zaporizhia region. This equipment is indispensable for registering and entering data of patients who are being vaccinated against COVID-19 in the database.

The Donor Day charity initiative is a part of CSR program “We Care!”. During the six years of the project, the bank’s employees participated in 45 Donor Days in Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa.



As part of the New Year’s charity initiative of Board Members of Credit Agricole, employees of the bank raised almost UAH 57000. With this money, the bank supported by “Your support” Charity Fund purchased Custodiol for little patients of Amosov National Institute of cardiovascular surgery. This medication is extremely necessary – it “preserves” heart during the surgery.

In March, Credit Agricole donated 70 units of computer equipment – monitors and system units, to Tarashcha State Technical Economic and Legal College as part of the charity project “Equipment pro bono”. This is the second wave of aid to the institution. Now the equipment, which belonged to the bank have a new life and help the college students to grow professionally.

In April Credit Agricole allocated UAH 51,000 to charity and donated computer equipment to Zaporizhzhia Regional Centre for Integrated Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities, namely, a laptop, 4 printers and 3 keyboard and mouse sets. Credit Agricole also donated eight units of computer equipment: computer monitors and system units, which previously belonged to the bank.

In June, the bank donated 10 units of computer equipment: monitors and system units to the Lviv Regional Universal Scientific Library. It is the largest diversified public library in the region, which has domestic and foreign literature in its collection.

In October, the bank donated and arranged the delivery of 14 units of computer equipment: monitors and workstations for Chernivtsi women and children support center “City of Goodness”. Now, 54 children and 20 mothers who found themselves in difficult circumstances live and receive social services here.

Credit Agricole donated UAH 150 000 for the medical equipment to save the lives of mothers and babies at the Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. The initiative realized within the charity project “Your dream – Your day”, in partnership with the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Krona” and TV channel 1+1

Green initiatives

In March Credit Agricole traditionally supported campaign “Earth Hour”, donated 15 000 young plants to the Holosiivskyi National Park and helped to plant a part of it. Additionally, as part of the environmental campaign, illumination on facades of several bank offices was turned off for an hour for unity with the Planet on March 27.


“Acting in the interests of society every day”, so goes “the reason to be” of Credit Agricole. We aim our constant efforts at putting it into life and reinforce it with concrete actions. The year 2020 has started with a new challenge for society – COVID-19 pandemic, which as early as in March switched lives of Ukrainians to the quarantine mode. Credit Agricole Bank accepted the challenge with dignity. Under the auspices of “We Care!” program, we continued to provide quick help to those who need it the most – medical institutions and their patients. Besides the charity, the Bank traditionally supports green initiatives and takes care of its employees.

Despite the hard times, we remain a socially responsible and reliable bank. Therefore, you can always rely on Credit Agricole! For detailed information on social projects of the Bank, see next.


In March, Credit Agricole with the support of “Your support” Fund purchased UAH 700 000 worth lung ventilator for Kyiv Clinical Hospital No. 17. We contribute to purchasing life-saving medical equipment because we believe that only by combining our efforts we can overcome the pandemic and its after-effects. And each ventilator will help save many lives.

In April, Credit Agricole Bank in partnership with Mastercard and with the support of “Your support” Fund purchased medical equipment totaling to UAH 1 100 000 for Ternopil Communal Children’s Hospital and Kyiv Clinical Hospital No. 17. That money were spent on a defibrillator, patient monitors, pulseoxymeters, and IV infusion pumps helping to fight critical presentations of a decease.

In May, Credit Agricole with the support of “Your support” Fund purchased health care devices worth UAH 5 000 000 for comprehensive equipment of the intensive care unit in Chernivtsi Regional Hospital. Everything it requires for intensive care was purchased: defibrillator, fiber bronchoscope, portable ultrasound scanner, patient monitors (6 pc.), infusion pump, surgical bed (3 pc.), single-syringe (6 pc.) and dual-syringe (11 pc.) infusion pumps. This project ― is the biggest charity initiative realized during the entire history of Credit Agricole presence in Ukraine.

In November Credit Agricole implemented the fourth wave of charity and, with the support of “Your support” Fund, purchased medical equipment worth UAH 435 000 for the Ternopil Communal Children’s Hospital and Kyiv Clinical Hospital No. 17. These funds were used to purchase a patient monitor, an infusion syringe pump and an electrocardiograph to help diagnose and fight the disease.

In December Credit Agricole with the assistance of «Your Support» charity fund implemented the fifth charity wave and purchased medical equipment to the value of UAH 3.7 million for Kharkiv Regional Hospital of Children Infectious Diseases. Children with severe forms of COVID-19 from Kharkiv and Kharkiv region are being treated here. These funds were used to purchase portable ultrasonic scanner, patient monitors with CO2 monitoring function (2 units), pulse oximeters (5 units), aspirators (5 unit), syringe dosage devices (5 units), and intensive care beds (5 units).

Within 5th way of charity Credit Agricole supported by “Your support” charity fund purchased UAH 771 000 worth 24 oxygen concentrators for six regional hospitals. Netishyn Specialized Medical Unit, Slavuta Central District Hospital, Volyn Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lokhvytsia District Hospital, Berdiansk Local Medical Association, and Kyiv Municipal Clinical Hospital No.1 received such assistance.

In 2020 within the framework of the “Equipment pro bono” project, Credit Agricole donated over 90 units of computer equipment. Six organizations – Tarashcha College, Poltava regional clinical hospital, Poltava secondary school No. 34, Novi Sanzhary orphanage, Orshivtsi children’s home, Local history museum of Popilnia village council.

Taking care of employees

In mid-March, after the lockdown was placed in Ukraine, Credit Agricole Bank as a responsible employer made several pressing decisions by creating its manifest for employees as follows:  

  • The Bank guarantees to its employees timely and full payment of salary during СOVID-19 crisis.
  • No staff layoffs or introduction of part-time employment.
  • Introduction of safe work environment ― almost 90% of the HO employees were switched to teleworking. At the same time, we ensured safe working conditions to specialists who remained working in the office and outlets, specifically provided them with masks, sanitizers, corporate transport, and established adequate working hours of outlets.

Green initiatives

On March 30, Credit Agricole Bank traditionally supported the global environmental event Earth Hour and presented the Holosiivskyi National Park with 15 000 young pine plants. Employees of the Bank handed them over and helped to plant the young trees. On March 28, as a part of a campaign as well, the lights on facades of several offices were switched off for an hour in solidarity with the Planet.

In October as part of the annual eco initiative “Tree for Car Loan”, employees of Credit Agricole planted about 30 young trees in the Kyiv park “Pozniaky”: maples, spruces, and rowan-trees. Taking care about the environment, the bank has organized six tree planting events over four years and intends to continue this tradition.


Credit Agricole is one of the most kind banks in Ukraine. For more than three years, Credit Agricole keeps investing in the future and develops the CSR program “We Care!”, which aims to reach the widest range of social initiatives. In 2019, “Vlast Deneg” magazine included Credit Agricole Bank in the TOP-20 ranking of companies with the best CSR programs in Ukraine. Read more about social projects of the bank below.

Green initiatives

On 30 March, the team of Credit Agricole Bank joined the global environment campaign “Earth Hour” and planted the seedlings in “Holosiivsky” National Park. Overall, the bank purchased 15,000 pine seedlings and delivered them to park employees for planting on the problem areas. The campaign was devoted to the global environmental initiative “Earth Hour”. Last year, Credit Agricole Bank purchased 12,000 pine seedlings for the campaign.  

The fleet of the main office in Kiev (42/4 Pushkinskaya St.) obtained two electric cars Hyundai Ioniq. They will be available for business rides to all employees. Electric vehicles will help not only significantly reduce fuel costs, but also reduce the carbon footprint of the bank. Electric refueling in the parking lot is free for bank employees and customers who have a Credit Agricole payment card or a mobile application. Detailed information on the use of electric stations is available at the reception.

In August, a pilot project on waste sorting was launched in the Head office of the bank at 42/4, Pushkinska Street. For 4 months, 600 office employees have been sorting the waste. Over this period, the bank has sent 2,835 kilos of recyclables (plastic, Tetra Pak, metal, glass) and 1,235 kilos of paper and cardboard for recycling.

Credit Agricole Bank installed solar panels on the roof of its backup data-center in Kyiv. The solar power plant started to work in August 2019. The power plant has a capacity of 20 kWt, and its approximate annual output amounts to 20.6 MWh. This launch will not only save energy but also reduce the bank's carbon footprint by 21 tons of CO2, equivalent to traveling 110 000 km by car.


It has been the second year in a row that the bank facilitates the reconstruction of the children sports center “Sportium”, Mykolaiv region. In 2019, the bank supported the reconstruction of a multi-functional sports ground. The official opening took place at the end of May, when the first visitors tested the renovated site. 

Employees of Credit Agricole Bank purchased a medicine for the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after M.M. Amosov. During a corporate cycle race on June 8, bank employees collected 41,222 UAH. For these funds, 11 packs of Alprostan were purchased for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases of newborns.

“Donor’s Day” charitable initiative is a part of the large-scale corporate social responsibility program “We Care!”. During the nearly three years since the project was established, 27 “Donor’s Days” were held in Kyiv. What is important, in 2019 “Donor’s Day” expanded to Lviv (3 campaigns) and Odessa (1 campaign). More than 250 employees of the bank became donors during the existence of this initiative.


The family charity festival “Charity Weekend. Healthy day” was held on August, 31 in Kyiv. Credit Agricole Bank acted as a partner of the event for the second time in a row as it is an excellent opportunity to contribute to society by helping in fundraising for two healthcare centers where sick children receive medical treatment.

On 30 November 2019, the 27th charity fair “Charity Bazaar” organized by the International Women’s Club of Kyiv (IWCK) was held in Kyiv. Credit Agricole Bank has been a partner to this large-scale charitable event for twenty six consecutive years. This year, an amount of UAH 3,205,742 million was raised during the fair. This money will be used to help women, children, elderly people and people with disabilities in different regions of Ukraine.

Together with its partner, “Tvoya opora” foundation, Credit Agricole keeps on providing the necessary equipment and goods to orphanages. Just before New Year holidays, six children's institutions received the long-awaited gifts, a list of which was created according to their needs and wishes.

  • Gorodnya Lyceum – an electric cooker and a TV;
  • Oleshky orphanage – two air-conditioners and a steam convection oven;
  • Orshiv sanatorium-type children's home – a washing machine, a printer, and a TV;
  • Rivne Regional Specialized Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Organic CNS Disorders with Disorders of the Mental Health and Palliative Care for Children – a boiler, a sets of bed linen (60 units), blankets (20 units) and coverlets (20 units);
  • Romaniv children's boarding school – a tactile thermometer, a glucometer, a portable electrocardiograph, a pulse oximeter, and a nebulizer;
  • Volyn Regional Specialized Home for Children with Central Nervous System Disorders with Mental Disturbances – two vacuum cleaners and a TV.

Just before New Year, Credit Agricole Bank employees raised over UAH 70,000 for Mykola Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. All the collected money was used to purchase the "Custodiol" medicine required for cardiac surgery. This medicine allows freezing heart for 2 hours. The project was implemented with the support of “Tvoya opora” foundation.

Caring about employees

The traditional seventh cycle race took place in early June and covered seven cities of Ukraine. Teams of cyclists in Kiev, Poltava, Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Dnieper, Lviv and Odessa cycled through the picturesque streets of these cities. The entire event gathered nearly 2,000 employees. The friendly team of Credit Agricole covered a total of about 65 kilometers of the route.

On 6 and 7 April, Credit Agricole Bank has traditionally joined a large-scale running event - the 9th Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2019. This year, 124 employees attended various distances for 2 days. This is a good example of the formation of a running culture and an interest in the manifestations of healthy lifestyle. 

Another test for endurance was the 10th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. The event took place in the capital of Ukraine on October 5-6 and brought together 115 bank employees.

For the eighth year now, the traditional minifootball tournament has brought together employees from all regions of Ukraine. The bank team experienced the spirit of the competition and was filled with emotion during the event. The qualifying stage, which took place in Vinnytsa in July, was best remembered for intrigue and unexpected football revelations. During the final of the competition in Kyiv, the name of the winner of the tournament – the team of the Central macro-region – was revealed.


Credit Agricole Bank continues doing good deeds as part of Corporate Social Responsibility program «We Care!» by identifying new areas of charity and expanding the scope of existing projects. In 2018, we doubled the budget for social projects and increased involvement of our employees in the initiatives, and thus raised UAH 100 000 for charity during the year.    

Green initiatives 

Credit Agricole Bank donated 12 000 pine seedlings to the Holosiivskyi National Park,initiative was dedicated to the Earth Hour worldwide campaign. More than 15 employees of the bank accompanied by their families planted several hundreds of pine seedlings, and the rest of the seedlings were planted by the employees of the Holosiivskyi NNP in the problem areas of the park. The April’s tree planting was the first wave of the bank’s traditional «Trees for Car Loan» initiative.

The second initiative within the project «Trees for Car Loan» was held in the park Poznyaki in Kyiv. A team of Credit Agricole Bank employees planted 50 hawthorns, mountain ashes, pea shrubs, larches and apple trees. Aware of its responsibility for the growing number of cars on Ukrainian roads, Credit Agricole seeks to contribute to the protection of the environment. The bank continuously expands the scope of the «green initiatives» and increases the number of planted areas in the capital. The event was arranged and held through active assistance of «Kyivzelenbud» Utility Company and personnel of Municipal Green Planting Enterprise of Darnytskyi district of Kyiv.

The team of the bank joined «Clean My City Challenge», a clean-up initiative targeting streets and parks of our city. 2employees of the bank together with their families took part in the initiative and cleaned Dorohozhychi Park in Kyiv. 


Credit Agricole Bank donated three complete monitors’ sets for the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. The medical institution needed them so badly to provide the quality treatment of children’s hearts. These high-quality devices allow to monitor the heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, mechanics, respiratory rate, body temperature, and many other important indicators. 

Employees of Credit Agricole Bank purchased medical equipment for the M.Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. During the corporate cycle race on June 16, the bank staff raised UAH 35 000 which was used for the purchase of a fetal monitor. This device is necessary for prenatal care as it enables monitoring the cardiac contractions of the fetus and mother, blood pressure, and blood saturation. On July 3, the medical equipment was transferred to the institute. 

Before the New Year, the team of Credit Agricole Bank raised UAH 70 000 for M.Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular SurgeryThe collected money was used to purchase Custodiol medicament used for heart surgery. This medicine makes it possible to preserve a heart during hypothermic storage for 2 hours. The project was delivered with the support of «Tvoya Opora» charity fund, a consistent partner of the bank’s charitable initiatives.  

11 Donor’s Days – during the year 2018, the bank has held 11 traditional monthly Donor’s Days. Over this period, more than 70 employees visited the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center and donated blood for little patients of the Center who regularly require blood components. 

«Insurance for charity» – it is a charity initiative that was held in the bank during July and August. Thanks to purchased insurance policies the bank transferred UAH 300 000 to buy medical equipment, namely 5 blood pressure sensors and 85 consumable items, for the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center (Kyiv) in this September. This equipment is necessary for effective treatment of young patients of the Center. Credit Agricole supports Ukrainian healthcare, and contributes to its development and improvement. The project is delivered with the assistance of «Tvoya Opora» charity fund. 

Another incredibly important project implemented this year was the reconstruction of children swimming pool in «Sportium» sports center in Mykolaiv region at the expense of the bank. Opening of the swimming pool was devoted to the Children’s Day and beginning of the summer season. From 2 to 4 June, an All-Ukrainian open swimming competition took place in «Sportium» and the renovated swimming pool was tested by little sportsmen for the first time. Galyna Nechaeva, HR Director, represented Credit Agricole Bank at the event and presented well-deserved rewards to the winners of various age categories.

On July 11, a renovated football ground at 142 Traktorobudivnykiv str. in Kharkiv was presented. The field was restored jointly by Credit Agricole Bank and Mastercard within the framework of the «Pass the ball» all-Ukrainian social initiative. The field has an area of 924 mand is open to everyone. During the reconstruction work, the foundation of the field was replaced, artificial grass was put on the field, and new fences were installed as well as the sports equipment that meets the international requirements to mini-football.

On 7 October, a team of Credit Agricole Bank employees joined a large-scale running event – the 9th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. Within the framework of this event, the anniversary Fundraising marathon was held, the purpose of which was to raise funds to support the projects of 15 charitable foundations on the platform of Ukrainian philanthropic marketplace and «Tabletochki» fund. The marathon was attended by 90 of our employees, among which 18 are fundraisers. 

Credit Agricole supported «Charity Weekend. Healthy Day» charity festival as a partner, and donated UAH 50 000. The event was to raise funds for purchase of innovative X-ray machine required by the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ukraine. The equipment costs approximately UAH 4 million. Thanks to the X-ray machine, thousands of newborn can be diagnosed faster and more accurately. This equipment is a chance to save little lives. 

The bank takes care of children’s homes for the 2nd year in a row. In 2017, the bank launched a large-scale initiative called «Supporting children’s homes» and took six orphanages from different regions of Ukraine under its wing. In 2018, the bank expanded scope of help and included Luhansk oblast children’s home No 2There are seven institutions under the bank’s wing today. Just before New Year holidays, the bank gave presents to children’s homes:

  • a television, a stationary blender, and two electric kettles for Oleshky children’s residential home;
  • 3 vacuum cleaners, 2 humidifiers an air-conditioner with heating and cooling options for Zaporizhzhia oblast special children’s home «Sonechko»
  • a projector with mounting kit for Horodianka special residential school;
  • a gas-fired boiler for Orshiv sanatorium-type children’s home;
  • a fridge, a washing machine, a microwave oven, an acoustic system and microphones, a four-channel mixer, a sterilizer for medical instruments, an electric kettle, and an iron for Novi Sanzhary children’s residential home;
  • a screen and a projector for Educational and rehabilitation center for autistic children and children with speech disorders of Vinnytsia Regional Council;
  • a washing machine, a bottle sterilizer, convectors, and electric kettles for Luhansk oblast children’s home.  

The list of presents was compiled in accordance with the needs and wishes of each child care center. The project was executed in cooperation with «Tvoia Opora» charity fund.  

Caring about employees

On April 22, the team of Credit Agricole Bank covered the individual, relay and charity distances of the 8th Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon. This time, the bank was represented by about 130 employees, which is twice as much as last year. The scale of our intentions was appreciated by the organizers of the marathon, and at the grand event on the occasion of marathon closing, the bank got a prize in «The largest corporate team» category. 

The sixth traditional corporate cycle race of Credit Agricole Bank started this year in seven cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, and Odessa. The main objective of this event is to promote environmentally sustainable transport. Driving down main streets of the largest Ukrainian cities, the employees of the bank inspire people to follow their example. 

Sporting and team spirit joined together in the traditional summer football tournament. It’s a good tradition and a large-scale event aimed at enhancing corporate culture, mutual support between the employees, and promotion of healthy lifestyle. This year’s tournament was carried out in two phases and hosted in two cities, and it gathered 700 employees of the bank from all over Ukraine.


The corporate social responsibility program “We Care!” launched in 2016 was substantially expanded in 2017. New long-term and targeted projects, high employee engagement and critically important support for those who need it, - all of these intertwined within the framework of “ We Care!” program throughout the year. Below you will find more.

Green initiatives:

In 2017, the bank initiated a series of "green initiatives" promoting environmental preservation, for example, the use of office paper from recycled materials, the disposal of mercury lamps, cutting down on the use of phosphate detergents, and the introduction of modern control systems for heating equipment.

Another "green initiative" in the bank was the support of the "Paperless Day" international campaign which lasted in the bank during the week. On a daily basis, the employees received lifehacks for minimizing paper usage.

“A tree for a car loan” green initiative from Credit Agricole Bank expanded its geography. In 2017, traditionally in the fall, the bank held this green initiative which had already become a corporate and family event in the life of Credit Agricole. More than 20 employees, alone or with their families, joined the campaign and planted 50 seedlings of rowans and catalpas in Dorohozhychi Park.

A “green” lending project within the framework of IQ Energy program was another important initiative of the bank in 2017 launched in cooperation with the EBRD. It contributes to the improvement of energy efficiency in the residential sector of Ukraine. "Green" financing reflects the core values of the Group and Credit Agricole Bank regarding the support of sustainable economic development in the countries of the Group's presence.


More than 60 employees choosing a healthy lifestyle took part in the seventh "Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2017" as part of Credit Agricole Bank team. Participation in the marathon contributed to raising funds for the purchase of sports prosthetics for veterans of military operations, and thus gave them a chance for a new life.

The 25th "Chestnut Run" was supported by a team of over 70 employees of Credit Agricole Bank who wanted to help raise funds for the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies for the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In 2017, Credit Agricole Bank once again joined the large-scale racing event Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon”. This time, the team of runners consisted of as many as 75 participants! This is the largest number in all the years of Credit Agricole Bank team participation in different marathons. Due to the team spirit and social awareness of our employees and all participants in general, we managed to buy sports prosthetics for the ATO veterans, raise money for portable mammography machine for breast cancer diagnostics and charity in the framework of the “Fundraising marathon”.

"Donor Day" is a joint charitable project of Credit Agricole Bank and Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery that was launched in August 2017. Every month, the Credit Agricole Bank team donated blood for the small patients of the Center who need it so badly. For five consecutive months from the start of the project, 42 our colleagues became donors, 6 of which have been donors within the framework of the "Donor Day" project twice. This is an incredibly significant contribution that gives children a chance to recover. More than 1500 operations per year are held at this health facility, and at least two donors are required for each operation. Let the children grow healthy!

“Equipment for good” is another direction of charity launched by the bank and aimed at providing technical support to orphanages, boarding schools and other non-profit organizations that applied for help. After all, the things we are used to in the era of digital technology are unattainable for orphanages without our help. In November, the first large-scale wave of the project initiated in early 2017 was completed. In total, 176 units of equipment were given to 17 organizations located in different parts of Ukraine. The Bank covered absolutely all expenses associated with the delivery of equipment to each institution. 

The employees of Credit Agricole Bank supported the “1 000 New Year gifts” charity campaign from our partner, “Tvoiia opora” charity fund, thus helping to fulfill the dreams of children from 12 orphanages. Thousands of pupils of specialized institutions dream of their own little things: dolls, towels, headphones, tights. How little children need for a moment of happiness! This is the smallest thing we could do to help these kids, and we did it.

Also, Credit Agricole Bank lounched a charitable project aimed at helping orphanages throughout Ukraine. The initiative was supported by “Tvoya opora” charity fund. Within the framework of the project, the bank took 6 children's homes under the wing and purchased the necessary household items.

Thus, the Kremenchuh Specialized Children's Home with 75 little pupils, received a refrigerator for storing medicines and mixtures that was installed in an isolator for sick kids, as well as a special device for physiotherapy which will be used for treatment of the small ones with the nervous system and locomotor system disorders.

105 students of the Nemyriv Training and Rehabilitation Center for children with autism and children with speech disorders received a freezer, an electric boiler for a shower room, two microphones, cables for audio and video equipment, computer speakers and a printer.

We also could not ignore 216 children of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Specialized Children's Home "Sonechko" and provided the facility with two air humidifiers and three vacuum cleaners for their comfort.

An unusual gift – a photo camera – was given to 123 pupils of the Horodno Specialized Boarding School. This is because these children publish the "Dzherelo" newspaper and want to insert beautiful pictures there, but, unfortunately, the budget funds for this are not provided.

Nervous system impairment, physical defects: more than 119 children aged from 4 to 18 years old most of whom are confined to bed are pupils of the Oleshky Orphanage in Kherson region. To make their lives at least a little bit more comfortable, we gave them three irons, two vacuum cleaners and two humidifiers, and now the kids will look neat and breathe fresh dustless air.

The kids from Orshivtsi Sanatorium-type Boarding School will finally not feel cold in winter because they got a gas boiler. Before, due to the raised humidity, the walls in the rooms were covered with mold and fungus. Fortunately, now it's all over.

6 000 UAH raised at the New Year’s corporate event was used for the purchase of oil and water-based paints, aquarelle pencils, canvases and other art materials. All of these gifts have already been received by the kids living in the Oleshky orphanage that has been under the custody of the bank since 2017.

6 000 UAH raised at the New Year’s corporate event was used for the purchase of oil and water-based paints, aquarelle pencils, canvases and other art materials. All of these gifts have already been received by the kids living in the Oleshky orphanage that has been under the custody of the bank since 2017.

Another good thing done by Credit Agricole Bank was the demonstration of paintings by young artists from orphanages on the art alley at the New Year's corporate event. Near the paintings, there were boxes for raising funds. At the event, 5 paintings by different artists from orphanages were presented. These kids continue to create the beauty despite the disability. One of the artists has no limbs, so he paints with a brush in his mouth. The collected funds were used for purchasing brushes and paints for young creators and handed over to them along with the paintings.

Credit Agricole Bank became one of the largest sponsors of the 25th Charity Fair organized by the International Women's Club of Kiev (IWCK). In addition to financial assistance, the bank provided the event with the cashiers and CIT support. All the raised funds were forwarded to help women, children, people with special needs and the elderly.

Caring about employees:

In 2017, the cycle race was held at Credit Agricole Bank for the fifth time. That year, about 600 cyclists participated in the event, which simultaneously started in seven cities of Ukraine, and together covered the distance of over 70 km. The cycle race is a traditional event of Credit Agricole Bank. Hundreds of employees cycle through the central streets of the largest Ukrainian cities annually thus inspiring each other as well as occasional passers-by. In general, by organizing such an event, we, as a socially responsible bank, also express support for environmentally friendly transport.

Team spirit is one of the corporate values of Credit Agricole Bank. The corporate mini-football tournament is an opportunity to prove that with us, it is at a high level. The mini-football tournament is a corporate event aimed at supporting a healthy lifestyle, contributing to team building and, of course, enriching the corporate culture of Credit Agricole Bank. This year the tournament took place in 2 stages and the semi-final, which united more than 700 employees of the bank from all over Ukraine.


Having just launched the “We Care!” Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Credit Agricole Bank immediately started vigorous activity in all three directions and managed to do a lot of good things in 2016 already. See the details below.

Green initiatives:


“Tree for a car loan” is a new green initiative. In 2016, the bank employees planted tress for the first time and made another corporate contribution to the preservation of the environment. 50 trees were planted in the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko Park with professional support of Kyivzelenbud CA and the employees of PUC GPP of Shevchenkivsky district of Kyiv. Credit Agricole Bank, as a leader in car lending, understands the responsibility for increasing number of cars on the roads of Ukraine and seeks to constantly take care of nature by planting trees in all parts of our country.

“Let's do it, Ukraine!”. In 2016, for the fourth time, Credit Agricole Bank joined the All-Ukrainian Social and Ecological Campaign “Let's Make Ukraine Clean Together!”. More than 250 colleagues from Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Lviv, Myrhorod, Odesa, Oleksandriia, Poltava and Kharkiv participated in the most extensive cleaning of their cities. Together, the bank team collected around 2 800 kg of garbage throughout the country, which is equal to the weight of one small elephant or 98 million euros (in 100 euro banknotes).

Eco-paper. Another initiative in 2016 aimed at preserving the environment was the use of environmentally-friendly office paper made of 100% recycled raw materials in the offices and branches of the bank. 



“Chestnut Run”. In 2016, about 70 of our colleagues participated in the largest annual sports charity project in Ukraine and supported the common goal of the project which was to raise the maximum amount of funds for the purchase of the necessary equipment for the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Another goal of the run was to draw the attention of society to the problems of infant mortality in Ukraine, as well as the development of the tradition of mutual support.


“Dreams of Bukovyna”. Credit Agricole Bank provided financial charitable assistance for the repeated purchase of gifts for orphans within the framework of the “Dreams of Bukovyna” initiative implemented by the “Future of Ukraine” charitable foundation. Just a day before presenting the gifts, the office of the charity fund was robbed, and almost 600 children could remain without the fulfillment of their little dreams that they had described in their letters. The employees did not stand aside as well. They independently fulfilled the dreams of children by buying gifts in accordance with their requests on the website of “Dreams of Bukovyna” and sending them to orphanages. 


Run with Faith in the Heart”. Credit Agricole Bank acted as partner of the social initiative of the Bank's customer Danone. Run with Faith in the Heart” initiative was aimed at helping children with heart diseases. Corporate teams of our bank took part in running in Kherson and Kremenchuh. A total of 80 employees joined the initiative. Also, within the framework of the initiative, the bank made a charitable contribution for the purchase of cardiology equipment for the Kherson Children's Regional Clinical Hospital and the City Maternity Hospital in Kremenchuk.

"Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon". In spite of unfavorable weather conditions, more than 30 of our brave colleagues toed the starting line of the marathon in 2016 to make their contribution to solving social problems.

Credit Agricole Bank supported the 24th Charity Fair of the International Women's Club in Kyiv as a sponsor and provided professional cashiers and CIT support for servicing the fair. All funds received from entrance tickets, purchased goods and donations were spent on charitable projects for the support of low-income citizens and for assistance to orphanages in Ukraine. 

Caring about employees:


The Credit Agricole Cycle race in 2016 took place simultaneously in 6 cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Odesa, Poltava, and Kharkiv. More than 500 employees took part in bicycle riding overcoming a big distance and demonstrating to everyone that we are a united, strong and big team. In Kyiv, a column of cyclists was headed by the Bank's Management Board. In total, about 1 300 employees took part in the corporate event. Also this year's event was charitable, as the bicycle race coincided with Solidarity Day in Credit Agricole Group. On that day, the employees joined their efforts for the sake of an important cause. In memory of the bike ride, the participants in all cities bought a postcard, and all the funds raised in this way were aimed at supporting orphanages.


The mini-football tournament is another great tradition of Credit Agricole Bank which forms our team spirit, brings teams from different regions together, and motivates us to develop for the sake of victory! In 2016, the corporate tournament took place in 3 stages and the semi-final uniting about 800 employees from all over Ukraine.

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