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Travel insurance

The purpose of «TRAVEL» insurance policy consists in reimbursement of unexpected medical expenses which may arise during travels abroad in case of a sudden disease or an accident.

Advantages of «Travel» insurance:

  • Wide range of insurance programs and variability;
  • Selection of medical insurance programs based on customers’ preferences;
  • Prompt insurance reimbursement directly to the insured person in case that the latter has paid for the medical aid at its own expense;
  • The quality of services rendered to the Insured persons is continuously monitored by the medical examiner;
  • The counterpart in the process of arrangement of assistance to the Insured persons is Balt Assistance LLC.
Additional information


  • Legal entity
  • Legal private individual persons

Insured person

  • Private individual (resident or non-resident), based in Ukraine and/or starting travelling from Ukraine’s territory

Age of the insured

  • From 1 to 74 years

Insured risks

  • Emergency medical services + medications
  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Emergency outpatient care
  • Emergency obstetric aid before 7 months
  • Medical evacuation/ repatriation (including transportation abroad)
  • Emergency dental aid (150 c.u.)
  • Repatriation of the deceased in Ukraine
  • Visa related expenses in case of visa denial
  • Loss/theft of luggage, documents
  • Cancellation of flight

Possible amounts of coverage

  • 30 000 EUR/USD
  • 50 000 EUR/USD
  • 75 000 EUR/USD

Insurance payment

  • Depends on parameters

Accident insurance abroad

  • Coverage – UAH 10,000
  • Insurance payment – UAH 0,2 per day


  • Persons having ill health who travel abroad despite medical advice.
  • Disabled persons of group 1 or 2.
  • Persons travelling abroad for treatment.

Insurance territory

  • Any country except Ukraine, the country of permanent residence of the Insured person, and the country of origin.
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