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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a loan repaid?

The loan and interest thereon is repaid using one of the following methods depending on the terms chosen by the borrower:

  • Monthly, loan instalments are calculated using the annuity method;
  • Monthly, loan principal is repaid in equal installments and interest is accrued on the loan outstanding.

Early loan repayment takes place without limitations and charges.

What types of insurance should be received when concluding a loan agreement?
  • CASCO insurance policy;
  • Third Party Liability insurance policy;
  • The customer may need to get a life insurance depending on the credit product.
How is a loan disbursed once the Letter of Intent is received? When can I get a car?
  • You pay your down payment for a car in the cash office of the car dealership or the bank;  
  • You conclude a purchase and sale agreement with the car dealership;
  • The vehicle is registered with the State Traffic Inspection. This can be done by the car dealership manager, or you can do it yourself;  
  • Car dealership employee draws up a set of documents and gets approval of the date of disbursement from the employee of the bank;
  •  All the necessary documents are signed in the outlet of the bank;
  •  A current account is opened in your name and money is transferred therefrom to the car dealership’s account to pay for a car;  
  • As soon as the car dealership sees the money in the account, you can get your car.              
What if the price of the vehicle went up?

If the price of the vehicle went up, you have the following options:  

  • If you can increase the amount of down payment so that the loan would not exceed the amount stated in the Letter of Intent, then the loan decision is not reconsidered;  
  • If you do not have a possibility to increase your down payment and you would like to have your loan amount increased or the other loan terms changed, then it is necessary to have the decision approved once again.  
What if I want to change a car?
  • To change a car, you need to address a certified car dealership that has a car you need and take the following steps:  
  • Submit the same set of documents;
  • Update income statement if it has been issued more than 14 days ago;
  • Have your loan application approved once again;
  • Get a new Letter of Intent and have the previous one cancelled.
What if I want to change lending terms and conditions after the Letter of Intent was received?

To change lending terms and conditions you need to address either a car dealership, or an outlet of the bank depending on where the documents for a loan application were initially submitted. 

If you want to increase your down payment, you can do that without any additional approval from the bank.  

If you want to reduce your down payment, change validity period of the loan, switch to another lending program or change the interest rate, you have to: 

  • Submit the same set of documents (to the car dealership or the outlet);
  • Update income statement if it has been issued more than 14 days ago; 
  • Have your loan application approved once again; 
  • Get a new Letter of Intent and have the previous one cancelled.   
What is a guarantee that I will get a loan? Terms and conditions laid down by the bank in the Letter of Intent?
  • Once a positive decision is made, the bank draws up a Letter of Intent in the name of the customer. This document confirms a possibility of receiving a loan;
  • The Letter of Intent contains any and all parameters of the loan, lending terms and conditions, as well as any additional documents mandatory for loan acquisition by the customer. Fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the Letter of Intent is a mandatory prerequisite;
  • The Letter of Intent remains in force for 60 days from the moment of its issue;
  • You can get only one valid Letter of Intent at a time. If the customer wants to change lending terms and conditions, a vehicle or a car dealership, one of the Letters of Intent will be cancelled on a mandatory basis.
What can improve my chances of getting a loan?
  • Positive credit history provides additional evidence of the borrower’s solvency; 
  • Absence of concealed loans, attachments and encumbrances over both movable and immovable property;
  • Documents that confirm ownership of assets. Assets the customer bought for his/her own funds or on credit provide an advantage (cars, tractors, equipment, other movable property, apartments, houses, land plots, deposits, shares in business, etc);

The customer may improve his/her chances of a positive decision, if he/she provides documents about the customer’s business or additional income, namely:

  • Lease agreements for premises;
  • Account statements about cash flows;
  • Service agreements;
  • Product purchase agreements;
  • Work completion reports (agreements);
  • Regular financial aid from the relatives working abroad (bank certificate about the incoming funds for the last 6-12 months, or the account statement, or receipts for the last 6-12 months confirming received electronic money transfers).  
What documents should be submitted to conclude a loan agreement?

All the documents submitted to the car dealership at the moment the bank receives a loan application should be provided, namely:

Documents about the customer’s identity/income:

  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine or a national passport of the citizen of another country (with a record about a permit for permanent residence in Ukraine) together with a certificate of permanent residence;
  • Tax ID number (TIN) or a copy of the passport page with a record about the right to carry out any payment transactions using the series and number of passport;
  • Marriage certificate (if the customer/surety/property surety is officially married);
  • Divorce certificate or a court ruling about the dissolution of marriage with a record confirming its effectiveness (if the marriage of the customer/surety/property surety has been dissolved);
  • Original documents confirming income of the customer, his/her spouse, financial surety (income statement for a work-for-hire worker, tax declarations for private entrepreneurs).    

In case spouse/surety/property surety of the customer is absent at the moment of the agreement conclusion:

  • Notarized application confirming consent of the customer’s spouse to loan acquisition and provision of the car purchased on credit to the bank as collateral;
  • Notarized application confirming consent of the property surety’s spouse to provision of the car purchased on credit to the bank as collateral;
  • Notarized application confirming consent of the surety’s spouse to the surety agreement conclusion.

Documents for a car being purchased: 

  • Concluded vehicle purchase and sale agreement;
  • invoice (or vehicle specification, or vehicle bill of lading);
  • vehicle registration certificate (technical passport);
  • document confirming a down payment for the vehicle (payment instruction, receipt, second copy of the credit slip, payer’s current account statement, etc);
  • CASCO insurance policy or Third Party Liability policy,

as well as other original documents provided to the car dealership for making a loan application to the bank.

What amount can I receive for buying a car on credit?
  • Minimum loan amount - USD 2,000 (in equivalent);
  • Maximum loan amount - USD 100,000 (in equivalent).;
What documents are necessary when submitting a car loan application?
  • The Borrower’s passport and copy of passport of the Borrower’s spouse (all pages containing information);
  • Certificate from the tax authorities about the assignment of the tax ID number to the Borrower; 
  • Car selection certificate, vehicle specification or invoice;
  • Other documents requested by the Bank;

Documents to be submitted by a private individual:

The proof of employment of the Borrower and/or his/her spouse certified by the accounting office no more than 2 weeks prior to the day of its submission to the Bank, which contains the information about the position of the Borrower and/or his/her spouse and salary accrued for the last six months.

Documents to be submitted by a private entrepreneur (PE):
State Registration Certificate of the private entrepreneur or abstract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Private Entrepreneurs.

For private entrepreneurs working under the simplified taxation scheme:

  • Certificate of paying a single tax;
  • Tax return of the private entrepreneur paying a single tax:
    - For the first and second groups of payers of the single tax - for the last 2 years
    - For the third and al the following groups of payers of the single tax - for the last 5 quarters.

For private entrepreneurs working under the general taxation scheme:

  • An extract or certificate from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organization of Ukraine with the information about the main types of activity;
  • Property status and income tax declaration for the last 2 (two) years.

Sailor customer has to submit the following:

  • seaman’s passport;
  • certificate of a crewing company containing the date of the next trip, starting date of the sailor’s employment with the relevant crewing company and name of his position; 
  • contracts and sailing certificates for the last two years;
  • financial surety (if the customer’s spouse is unemployed or gains low income as compared to the monthly loan installments);

Customer who is a CEO and owner (full or partial) of the organization where he/she works:

  • Charter of the company;
  • Financial statements of the company (F1 and f2) for the 4th quarter of the previous year and the last quarter of this year; 
  • Appointment order;
  • Company’s state registration certificate;

Customer having outstanding or repaid loans:

  • Bank’s certificate about the Customer’s loan outstanding and its quality, loan repayment discipline being specified;
  • Loan agreements and repayment schedule;

Customer living on the territory of Ukraine with a certificate of permanent residence:

  • certificate of permanent residence (INDEFINITE);
  • identification code;
  • income statement or reports for the private entrepreneurs (income should be gained on the territory of Ukraine);
  • confirmation of property rights to immovable property on the territory of Ukraine.
Where can I fill out an application for a car loan in Credit Agricole Bank?

To draw up a car loan application you should address either a car dealership, or an outlet of the Bank, depending on the lending program. 

Depending on which of the above options you have chosen, the process of document submission and drawing up an application for a car loan takes place differently and lending terms and conditions differ as well. 

If you have submitted documents to the car dealership:

A car dealership manager takes care of the document collection and approval of the loan application up to the moment of receiving a Letter of Intent.

If you have submitted documents to the outlet of the Bank:

An employee of our Bank takes care of the document collection and approval of the loan application up to the moment of receiving a Letter of Intent.

Which lending program of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK should I choose for buying a car?

We cooperate only with official car dealerships and importers in Ukraine. Once you have decided what car you want to buy on credit, you have to choose a credit product.

There are two main types of credit products for buying cars in our Bank:

What is CASCO insurance policy?

A vehicle purchased on credit should have full CASCO insurance on a mandatory basis.

Full CASCO is a type of motor vehicle insurance which previews reimbursement of losses in the event of damage, total damage and theft (illegal possession) of the vehicle, but does not include insurance of transported passengers and cargo.

Insurance should be provided by the company approved by the Bank.

Limit of indemnity for CASCO (insured amount for the car) equals the price of the vehicle.

The Bank is a beneficiary under the insurance agreement.

What is Mandatory Third Party Liability insurance policy?

Mandatory Third Party Liability for Road Vehicle Owners (Third Party Insurance or OSAGO) is a type of mandatory insurance that provides reimbursement for damage inflicted upon the third party as a result of a traffic accident.

Damages you inflicted as a result of a traffic accident are reimbursed by an insurance company:

Up to UAH 100,000 per one injured for damage to property (if number of affected people more than 5, the amount reduced proportionally);
Up to UAH 200,000 per one injured for damage to life and health.

What is Life and Accident Insurance?

It is insurance of life and health of the Borrower. The purpose of insurance is to provide financial coverage to the Borrower and repay loan outstanding if the insured event occurs. An insured event is loss of ability to work or death of the Insured.

Where is CASCO or OSAGO insurance policy signed?

A policy is signed either in the car dealership, or in the outlet of the bank. It depends on a partnership program. 

Can I conclude CASCO and OSAGO insurance agreement independently?

Yes, you can, but you should conclude it with the insurance company which is a partner of the bank under the respective lending program. 

Down payment on a car

Down payment is a part of the cost of a vehicle to be paid by the customer independently. The payment takes place in the car dealership on behalf of a private individual customer or a property surety (if any). Down payment receipt is submitted to the bank.

Upfront loan disbursement fee

Upfront fee is payable at the moment of the agreement in the outlet of the Bank as a percentage of the disbursed loan amount. The amount of fee depends on the credit product and is within the range of 0% to 3.5%.

Getting an extract from the State Register of Encumbrances over Movable Property (DRORM)

According to tariffs of the notary and region. Paid per extract on borrower and property surety (if any) and his/her spouse.

Putting the item of collateral into DRORM

Registration in DRORM costs from UAH 70 to 100 according to the rates of the notary public and depending on the region.

Notarial attestation of collateral agreement

Notarial attestation costs from UAH 1,200 to 1,500 depending on the region and marital status of the Borrower. If the Borrower is not married, minimum fee is charged, if he/she is married, maximum fee is charged.    

State duty

0.1% of the cost of the vehicle.

CASCO vehicle insurance

CASCO insurance policy costs from 3.5 to 11% of the cost of the vehicle in cash equivalent depending on the lending program and insurance parameters.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Approximately from UAH 405 to UAH 2642. The payment depends on region, car value and engine volume.

Contribution to the Pension Fund at the moment of the vehicle registration

Contribution to the Pension Fund stands at 3% to 5% of the cost of the vehicle less VAT in cash equivalent and is calculated using a differentiated rate: 

  •  3% for a vehicle costing up to 165 minimum living wages;
  • 4% - up to 290 minimum living wages;
  • 5% - over 290 minimum living wages.

Calculation example No.1:

The cost of the vehicle - UAH 100,000 - should be divided by 6 (the result being UAH 16,666.67). Then we deduct UAH 16,666.67 from the cost of the vehicle. Thus we get 83,333.33 and 3% of that amount equals UAH 2,500.

Calculation example No.2:

Cost of the vehicle UAH 100,000 / 1.2 = UAH 83,333.33* 3% = UAH 2,500.

Registration of the vehicle with the State Traffic Authorities

Registration fee is from UAH 2,000 to 4,000 depending on the region.

Getting an extract from the Unified Register of Prohibitions on Alienation of Immovable Property

From UAH 100 to 150 according to the rates of the notary public payable for each extract for the borrower and property surety (if any) and his/her spouse(s) if it has been more than 30 days from the date of the decision.

1. What is “i-Bank” system?

«і-Bank» is a remote banking service system developed to enable customers of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK to independently use banking services outside the Bank outlets via the Internet 24 /7 (except time needed for technical maintenance) from anywhere in the world.

To use “i-Bank” system you need to have one of the popular Internet browsers installed on any computer or mobile device.

Any customer of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK having at least one account or card opened with the Bank may enroll in this service.

2. In what browsers and OS does “i-Bank” system work?

Proper operation of “i-Bank” is supported by the following versions (and above) of web-browsers and OS:

PC browsers:

  • Chrome 39+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox 35+
  • Opera 26+

Built-in browsers :

  • Apple iOS 5+ (Safari)
  • Android 4.0 (ICS)
  • Android 4.1-4.3 (Jelly Bean)
  • Android 4.4+
  • Windows Phone 7.5+

Other mobile browsers:

  • Firefox Mobile 18+
  • Chrome for Android 18+
  • Opera Mobile 11.5+
3. Can I use “i-Bank” system abroad?

You can use “i-Bank” system in any country of the world. To use the system you need to have Internet access and in order to perform active transactions you need to have roaming so that you will be able to confirm active transaction with a one-time password which will be sent to your cell phone in SMS message.

4. How can I enroll in “i-Bank” system?

It is very easy to gain access to “i-Bank” system all you need to do is register online in the system via the Bank website by entering personal data and current cell phone number. An SMS message with a password for the first log in will be sent to this cell phone number and the email address to receive the login

5. Where can you find data for online registration in the system?

You should indicate a few mandatory parameters for remote registration in the “i-Bank” system:

1. Number of any of your accounts opened with CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK (current, deposit, credit, except card accounts starting with 2625). You may find account number in your copy of the Banking Service Agreement.
Number of any of your payment cards issued by CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK. Card number is indicated on its external side – it is four blocks of 4 digits each;

2. Data of your personal ID document. It may be:
- Your individual tax number,
- Passport series and number.
It is required that you enter passport series and number if for any reasons you do not have individual tax number (for instance due to religious beliefs or if you are non-resident of Ukraine and did not receive individual tax number from the tax authorities of Ukraine).
Passport series and number are indicated in succession without spaces, for the holders of Ukrainian passport – in capital Ukrainian letters, for the holders of foreign passports – in capital Latin letters;

3. Your date of birth;

4. Your cell phone number indicated as the contact phone number when opening an account or a card with CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK;

5. Your e-mail address.

6. What is login and can I change it?

Login is a unique unchangeable user identifier in the “i-Bank” system generated by the system, which is used as one of components of user authentication in the “i-Bank” system.

Login is composed of 8 digits and may be changed by the system user. If login is lost or forgotten, system user should personally address the servicing outlet and after identification procedure he/she will receive a printed form with a login.

7. Cannot log in into the system?

If you are a registered user of “i-Bank” system the fact that you are unable to log in into the system may be caused by the following:

  • You incorrectly entered your login or password. Please check input information and try again;
  • User account was blocked due to numerous entries of incorrect password or at your request. Please address your servicing outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK to unblock your user account. At that you will need to provide your passport or other document substituting it.
  • If you have forgotten your login or password, you can contact the Bank's Call Center at 0800305555.
8. Forgot login or password?

If you forgot your login for “i-Bank” system you may find it in e-mail from the Bank which was sent to your e-mail if you registered online in the system.

If for any reason you or deleted e-mail with login from the Bank, or

If you forgot your password and you have a payment card of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK you may receive new password by addressing the Contact Center operator at:

  • 0 800 30 5555 — free calls from the landline phones on the territory of Ukraine;
  • +380 44 495 22 77— for international calls.

Right away after logging in into the system you need to change password in line with the Bank requirements for the passwords which are used.

9. Access is blocked?

If you received a system notification that access to your user account was blocked, please call the Bank Contact Center at

  • 0 800 30 5555 – for calls within Ukraine (free from all landline phones),
  • +380 44 495 22 77 – for international calls.

After identification procedure access to the system will be renewed.

Also you can visit the outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK where you are serviced. At that you will need to show your passport or other document substituting it.

 After identification procedure and signing a relevant application access to the system will be renewed.

10. Why should I enter characters displayed in the image?

Entering characters displayed in the image, the so-called CAPTCHA, is a service helping to protect sites from spam and hackers. This service helps to identify people and bots attempting to either access or block the system. The idea of this service is fulfilling a task which is simple for a human but difficult for bots and other malware.

11. You did not receive SMS message with a password for the first log in?

Usually the message is received within 5 minutes. If you did not receive SMS message with a password for the first log in into the system (for instance due to mobile operator’s holdback) you should address your servicing outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK or by addressing the Contact Center operator at 0 800 30 5555.

After your identification the Bank employee will carry out actions for the system to repeatedly generate and send the password for the first log in to the cell phone number you indicated.

12. The system does not accept password from the SMS?

If the system does not accept password from the SMS message, usually it means that you made a mistake when entering characters from the SMS message or the password expired.

Please note that the password for the first log in expires after 12 hours. If smaller amount of time passed since the moment when the password was received, please check if you correctly entered characters from the message.

Please address your servicing outlet or contact center 0 800 30 5555 — free calls from the landline phones on the territory of Ukraine to generate new password for the first log in.

13. Why was registration unsuccessful?

If the system displayed an error message after you filled out the registration form, then probably it was due to the following:

  • data you indicated in the registration form do not coincide with their values in the Bank database.

Such situation may occur if your personal data (phone number, passport, and individual tax number) were changed but such changes were not reflected in the Bank database or the data in the Bank database have an error.
Solution: Address manager in your servicing outlet  by providing originals of your ID documents;

  • you incorrectly entered account or card number;

Solution: Attentively check data entered during registration (to check information it is possible to return to the previous page by pressing “Back” button - usually it looks like an “arrow” in the left corner of the screen);

If another registration attempt was unsuccessful, please address your servicing outlet or by consulting the Bank's Help Center.

14. Can I log in later?

Yes, it is possible. After successful registration in the system and login generation you will receive SMS message with a password for the first log in into “i-Bank”system. This password is valid for 12 hours, so you should log in into the system for the first time and change initial password to the personal permanent password.
If you did not log in into the system for the first time right after you finished registration, use “Login” button for the delayed first log in into the “i-Bank” system.

15. Why do I need to enter one-time passwords from the SMS message?

One-time password used to confirm transaction is a customer’s electronic signature and is similar to handwritten signature of the Bank’s customer.

One-time password is generated by the “i-Bank” system and is sent to the cell phone indicated in the Application for the Banking Service “i-Bank” using SMS message when each transaction requiring customer’s signature is initiated.

16. What should I do if I did not receive a one-time password for transaction confirmation on my phone or if I did not used it on time?

It is not a problem if due to any reason you did not receive a one-time password sent by the Bank to confirm transaction or you could not use it on time. For another generation of a password to confirm a transaction repeat actions for initiation of a necessary transaction and you will be sent a new password.

Please note! One-time password for transaction confirmation is valid for 5 minutes.

17. What should I do if the cell phone with SIM card (to which SMS messages with one-time passwords for transaction confirmation are received) was lost or stolen?

First of all, call the Bank Contact Center at

  • 0 800 30 5555 – for calls within Ukraine (free calls from the landline phones),
  • +380 44 495 22 77 – for international calls to block access to “i-Bank” system.

Please note that for the authorization in “i-Bank” system you need to enter personal login and password, so if the phone was lost or stolen no one will be able to use you cell phone to make payments without your login and password for the system.

In order to change the phone number to which in future you will receive SMS messages with one-time passwords, please address CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK outlet where you are serviced. You need to have with you a passport or other document substituting it.

18. Why do I need to log in into the system again and enter login and password if for a long time I was inactive when using “i-Bank” system?

It was implemented in order to ensure security if you leave your computer unattended without logging off of the system.

So if you do not perform any actions in the system within the set session time (20 minutes), the system will automatically end the session.

To login in into the system you will need to enter login and password of the “i-Bank” user one more time.

19. How can I temporarily block access to “i-Bank”?

In order to block access to the “i-Bank” system you need to call the Bank Contact Center at

  • 0 800 30 5555 – for calls within Ukraine (free from all landline phones),
  • +380 44 495 22 77 – for international calls.

To unblock access to the system you need to visit the outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, where you are serviced or call at Bank Contact Center.

20. If I have problems using the system, who should I address?

Please address the Bank Contact Center using the belowmentioned phone numbers or use the feedback form on the Bank website.

You may also send a message to the Bank from the “i-Bank” system.

  • 0 800 30 5555 — free calls from the landline phones on the territory of Ukraine;
  • +380 44 495 22 77— for international calls.
21. Where can I find the Bank tariffs for transactions in “i-Bank” system and their Time frames?

You may find tariffs of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK for transactions in “i-Bank” system and their Time frames in the “Information” section of the Bank website and system.

In this section you may also find general tariffs of CREDIT AGRICOE BANK for all transactions of private individuals.

22. Where can I view information about my sessions in “i-Bank” system for security reasons?

To control your security you can view successful and unsuccessful logins into the “i-Bank” system with your login in “Settings” section of the “i-Bank” system.

You can view the time of login and logout of the system and IP address used to log in the system.

In this section you can also change your password for login into the “i-Bank” system.

23. Can I transfer funds between my personal accounts opened with CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK using the “i-Bank” system?

“i-Bank” system allows you to transfer funds between your personal accounts. You can replenish any of your accounts or cards from your other card or account, including to increase deposit amount or partially repay the loan by pressing “Replenish” button on the accounts, cards and deposits or “Repay” button on the loans.

Please note that money transfer between the accounts may be performed only in hryvnia for the accounts opened in this currency.

You do not need to confirm such transaction using one-time passwords.

24. Can I transfer funds to recipient with any bank details using “i-Bank” system?

“i-Bank” allows you to transfer money to any Bank on the territory of Ukraine.

You may also transfer funds to any Bank on the territory of Ukraine with any payment details by pressing “Transfer” button on the account or a card, from which you plan to make a payment or by selecting “New Payment” item in the menu.

For your convenience you may save your payments as templates in case you plan to perform payments using these payment details in future. You may change or delete templates in the relevant menu item of the “i-Bank” system, if you do not need them anymore.

Please note that money transfer between the accounts may be performed only in hryvnia for the accounts opened in this currency.

25. What operations with a corporate card can be conducted in “iBank”?

Taking into consideration corporate card account regime and purpose, “iBank” provides the opportunity of receiving transactions history information, turning on/off SMS informing service, card limits management as well as management of CVV2/CVC2 code verification.

26. What phone number can be used for turning on SMS informing service in “iBank”?

In “iBank”, as well as when turning on  SMS informing service by other means, there is an opportunity to turn it on using any cell phone number of Ukrainian mobile connection operator. Still, one time password for SMS informing service turning off will be sent to your Secure phone number (the number defined in the application form for “iBank” usage).

27. Is it possible to turn off SMS informing service in “iBank” if I do not intend to use the payment card anymore?

Yes, it is possible. In order to turn it off it is necessary to choose the payment card which you do not plan to use and in ‘Operations’ division to turn off SMS informing service upon confirming by one time password.  Please, pay attention to the fact that this service fee will be settled for the last period of usage in accordance with the Bank Tariffs and Rules of Complex Bank Servicing of Physical Entities.

28. Is it possible to turn on SMS informing service in “iBank” for several mobile phone numbers?

No, it is impossible. SMS informing service can be turned on for only one mobile phone number of any Ukrainian mobile connection operator. In case of necessity, for example, to have control over the funds usage by means of an additional card issued to your main card, it is possible to have a full access to transaction history via “iBank” or your email address can be added upon your separate application form in Bank outlet. This email address will be used for duplicating all the messages in terms of SMS informing service, thus providing complete information concerning cards transactions.

29. Is it possible to conduct payments in foreign currency for the third parties?

Taking into consideration current Ukrainian legislation terms, it is possible to make payments in foreign currency between own accounts only. In order to make a transfer from a current/card account to own current/card/deposit/loan account in the same foreign currency, it is necessary to choose the account to be replenished, and in the correspondent form to choose the account to debit the necessary amount. Please, pay attention that separate function “Transfer” is not available for foreign currency accounts.

36. Is it possible to set a regular payment in a foreign currency?

No, it is impossible. All the regular payments are conducted from/to accounts in UAH.

30. Which outlet can an additional card be issued to via “iBank”?

When filling in the form for issuing an additional card, after choosing the type of payment card, and the suggestion to turn on SMS informing service, You will be offered to choose any convenient outlet to issue and deliver the card to. Please, pay attention that upon confirming the issue of the card, previously chosen Bank outlet will not be available for changing.

31. Is it possible to issue an additional card for the third party via “iBank”?

Now, in “iBank” there is an option to issue an additional card for the main card holder’s name only.

32. What is the way to issue an additional card for the third party name?

Taking into consideration the fact that in “iBank” there is an option to issue an additional card for the main card holder’s name only, to issue an additional card for the third entity is possible by visiting any Bank outlet and filling in the necessary application form. Please, pay attention that it is required that both persons (You and Your Trustee) be present to fill and sign up the application form.

33. Which individual limits can be set for the payment card via “iBank”?

Upon choosing the necessary payment card in “iBank” it is possible to freely increase/decrease the maximum daily amounts of limits for cash operations, Internet payments, non-cash payments, and transfers from card to card in Ukraine or/and abroad.

34. How shall I know that defined by me individual limits have already been set?

Upon confirming the form for setting individual limits in “iBank”, the defined amounts of limits will be applied for your payment card in 10 minutes. Also, the informative message in “iBank” will be sent. Please, pay attention that individual limits will be set for the term defined in the application form.

35. What type of regular payments can be set in “iBank”?

In “iBank” you can create regular payments for the third parties (both physical and legal entities) and regular payments for transfer between your own accounts. Please, pay attention that regular payments cannot be set for transfers from/to mobile savings account, operations of withdrawal from deposit accounts and for payments by card numbers.

37. Will the regular payment be conducted if I stop it on the settled date of its implementation?

If a regular payment is stopped on the date of its implementation, Bank is entitled to conduct it in case there is no technical opportunity not to make a withdrawal and/or settlement of money funds in accordance with the regular payment settings.

38. What is the difference between the functions of stopping regular payments and deleting them?

In case of stopping a regular payment, its planned future completing will not be carried out, but the information concerning this payment remains saved (thus, it can be restarted if necessary). If a regular payment is not relevant any more, it can be completely deleted from “iBank” data.

39. Is it possible to set up a regular while filling in the payment in “iBank”?

To make it convenient, after filling in all the necessary fields concerning the payment, this payment can be set up a regular one by means of choosing the correspondent point. All that remains to do is to define the period of a regular payment and the date of its processing.

40. What is the maximum amount of payments via “i-Bank” system?

100 000 UAH, though the number of transfers is not limited. Transfers between own accounts are not limited. Please, pay attention that payments conducted from card accounts are limited by the amount of a payment card limit in correspondence with the payment card class (unless the card limits are turned off, or the individual limits are settled).

41. Time frame for processing system payments sent via “i-Bank”
Payment type

Conditions for fulfillment

Maximum time for fulfillment

Replenishment of personal accounts and cards (via “Replenishment” action)
initiated till 17:00
a few minutes*
initiated after 17:00 or on a weekend
replenishment of current accounts - on the next banking day
replenishment cards with a current account - on the next banking day*
replenishment the card with another card - a few minutes*
Payments to card accounts opened with the Bank**
initiated till 17:00
3 hours
initiated after 17:00 or on a weekend
on the next banking day
Payments to current accounts opened with the Bank**
initiated till 17:00
a few minutes
initiated after 17:00 or on a weekend
on the next banking day
Payments to accounts opened with other Ukrainian banks
initiated till 17:00
during the banking day
initiated after 17:00 or on a weekend
on the next banking day
Money transfers to the “Mobile Savings” account
Regardless of the time of the transaction
Next banking day ***
Money transfers from the “Mobile Savings” account
Regardless of the time of the transaction
Immediately available for use with a payment card

* Please, pay attention that when conducting action “Replenish” for a credit card, the balance amount is increased for the amount of replenishment immediately, but debt repayment cannot be carried out on the same day – it gets completed during 2 working days the most (since the date of making replenishment).

** for payments in favor of recipients whose accounts are opened in the branch CIB of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK time frame for processing and making payments coincides with conditions for performing payments to accounts opened with other Ukrainian banks.

*** in case of immediate replenishment of a payment card, money transfer to the “Mobile Savings” account, and executing other transactions with a payment card (cash withdrawal in an ATM, purchase transactions and other types of transactions) on the same calendar day, with a view to avoid technical unauthorized overdraft on the account, the money transferred to a “Mobile Savings” account will remain on the main account. Upon factual write off of the amounts of other write off transactions, it is necessary to re-execute the transactionі of transferring money to a “Mobile Savings” account.

Time frame for processing regular payments, created via «i-Bank» system:

Bank withdraws and replenishes/conducts transfer on the date defined in the regular payment setting from 11:00 till 17:15.
In case a regular payment cannot be carried out successfully due to the lack of funds on the account, the card being blocked (if the payment is set upon the card account), etc., the next attempt to carry out the payment will be made on next day until 17:00.
If the second attempt is unsuccessful, further completing of the regular payment is to take place according to its setting.

42. PI tariffs for «i-Bank» service
1.Subscription to "i-Bank" systemFree of charge-
2.Monthly servicingFree of charge-
3.Money transfer from card / current accounts (debit cards):
3.1.To own accounts in "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" PJSCFree of chargeIn national and foreign currency
3.2.To other accounts in "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" PJSC3 UAHIn national currency
3.3.To accounts in other banks6 UAH
4.Money transfer from card accounts (cards with credit limits)
4.1.To own accounts in "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" PJSCEqual to tariff for cash withdrawal at cash desks and ATMs of "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" PJSCCharged according to card tariff plan
4.2.To other accounts in "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" PJSC
4.3.To accounts in other banks
5.Replenishment of card account via «i-Bank» systemStandard tariff for cashless replenishment of card accountCharged from account which is being replenished according to card tariff plan
6.Checking of card / current account balanceFree of charge-
7.Card / current account statementFree of charge-

Maximum amount of one payment is 100 000 UAH.

Payments between own accounts of Client are made without restrictions.

Can I refuse a loan?

Before signing the loan agreement, you are at any time can opt out of receiving credit.

After signing the loan agreement, you can refuse credit within 14 days of receipt of the signed copy of the credit agreement (in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection).

The right to such refusal does not apply if the already concluded agreements on:

  1. consumer loans secured by mortgage;
  2. consumer loans for housing;
  3. consumer loans granted for the purchase of services, execution of which occurred before the expiration of the withdrawal agreement.
What information should be provided when repaying a loan?

1. When repaying in outlet of JSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK":

• Number of the Loan Agrement;

• Full name of the borrower;

2. When repaying a loan in outlet of other bank:

• Number of transit account for loan repayment (indicated in the loan agreement, starts with 2909);

• Number of the Loan Agreement;

• MFO of PJSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK" (is available on a relevant page);

•TIN and full name of the borrower

Can a loan be repaid prematurely?

Yes, you can repay a loan partially or in full prematurely. Commission on early loan repayment is not charged.

In case of partial early repayment, the tenor will be automatically reduced. Please note that partial early repayment does not exempt the borrower from payment of the next monthly payment.

You can also repay a loan in full prematurely.

Is commission on early loan repayment charged?

Commission on early loan repayment (full or partial) is not charged.

What to do in case of the borrower's death?
  • Once a respective document is received, the bank stops to make loan accruals from the borrower’s date of death.
  • According to Article 1282 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, heirs shall be obliged to satisfy the creditor’s claims in full, but within the value of the inherited property. The heirs shall be obliged to satisfy the creditor’s claims by one-time payment, unless otherwise is agreed between the heirs and the creditor. In case of refusal from one-time payment, the court, against the creditor’s claim, shall foreclose the property transferred to the heirs in kind.
  • If it is impossible to repay the debt under the loan agreement by one-time payment, the Bank may consider issuing a loan to the heir to repay the loan under the loan agreement of the deceased.
  • If at the time of loan issuing the borrower concluded the life insurance agreement, then the loan balance can be repaid by insurance company.
Card was lost or stolen – what should I do?

You must immediately call to the Contact Center of the Bank by dialing the number 0 800 30 5555 (free calls from landline all over Ukraine) or +380 44 495 22 77 (for calls from abroad), and block the card. Through this process you will protect the funds in your account from fraudsters. In order to reissue the card, please contact the outlet of the Bank. If you have found the card unexpectedly and you are sure that the third persons had no access to it – call the Contact Center of the Bank to unblock the card. 

ATM did not return the card – how can I get it back?

If the card is withheld due to technical failure, incorrect PIN-code or you forgot to retrieve it from card reader, you should contact the Bank to which this ATM belongs. In all other cases, please call (044) 495-22-77 (round-the-clock) to inform about all circumstances related to the card withholding and receive instructions on your further actions. In case of any unusual situations, please contact the Bank by calling (044) 495-22-77 (round-the-clock).

ATM did not dispense money or the whole amount requested – how to deal with this problem?

If ATM dispensed incorrect amount, the Account Owner should contact the Bank and file the transaction dispute application describing the circumstances of such transaction and submit a copy of the ATM receipt (if any).

If transaction under which the wrong amount was dispensed has been made in ATM that belongs to Credit Agricole Bank, the money will be returned to/debited from the account within three business days from the date of ATM cash collection.

Under transactions made in ATMs of other banks the money will be transferred to the card account after the Bank performs the procedures time limits of which are established by respective international payment system. 

I received SMS about transaction I had not performed – what should I do?

If you have the card in hand, it's most likely that its data became known to the third persons: the card could have been copied, taken photo of or somehow got an access to its details. If you don't have the card in hand, it is probably lost and used by fraudsters or stolen.

In any case, you should block the card by calling the Contact Center of the Bank 0 800 30 5555 (free calls from landline all over Ukraine) or +380 44 495 22 77 (for calls from abroad), and block the card! You can also do it via the Internet-banking «i-Bank» Credit Agricole.

Please recall what transactions have you made recently. Sometimes, SMS messages can be received with delay. If there was an error and transaction with the use of your card has been made indeed, you can always unblock the card by calling the Contact Center of the Bank.

How can I change PIN-code to my card?

In order to change PIN-code, insert the card into the ATM card reader, enter current PIN-code and select "Other transactions" in the menu. Then select "Change PIN-code" in the menu and enter the new PIN-code. Then press the button "Next". The new PIN-code should consist of at least 4 symbols. Enter new PIN-code once again and press the button "Next". 

I cannot remember PIN-code to my card - what should I do?

Unfortunately, the lost PIN-code cannot be restored. You should contact the outlet of the Bank to reissue the card. If you  are not sure that you can remember the PIN-code which was given to you together with the card, use the service of PIN-code change in any ATM of Credit Agricole Bank.

I have debt on my card, how can I repay it?

In case of debt under card account (unauthorized overdraft or loan payment past due), your card becomes unavailable for transactions of cash withdrawal or cashless settlements. At that, a message "Error No. 928, limited account" will be displayed on ATM screen or receipt. You can repay the debt by crediting the card or directly the card account in the Bank outlet or by transferring the money to the card in cashless form. You should remember that in case of instant card crediting (in the outlet or by online transfer) the account debt will be repaid on the next business day! Once the card account debt is repaid, the card becomes available for expense transactions.

My card is denominated in UAH, can I pay with it abroad?

All cards of Credit Agricole Bank are of international class. This means that regardless of the currency of the card account to which they are issued, you can pay with such cards all over the world.  If the currency of settlement is different from the currency of the card account, the amount will be automatically translated into the account currency at the exchange rate established by the Bank and/or international payment systems. 

Examples of such conversion are available in our information posts on Facebook (1, 2, 3).

Though I know for sure that there are money in the card account, I cannot pay with it or withdraw cash – what is going on with my card?

If when paying or withdrawing cash the payment terminal or ATM show transaction rejection error, it is likely due to card limits for certain types of transactions. Such setting was made by the Bank in order to protect your funds.

You can manage limits for cash withdrawal, cashless payments or payments in the Internet with your card by yourself with the help of the Internet-banking «i-Bank» or in the outlet of CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

For this purpose, CREDIT AGRICOLE offers a convenient service of changing the limits on your card:

  • You can decrease or increase (within the limits established by the effective banking law) limits on your card for the following types of transactions:
  • Cash withdrawal in bank's ATMs in Ukraine and abroad
  • Cashless settlements in retail network
  • Payments in the Internet

Quasi cash settlements in the Internet (on websites of such bill aggregators as "Portmone", "iPay", etc.).

In order to set necessary limit values, you should:

  • Get an access to the Internet-banking "i-Bank" CREDIT AGRICOLE
  • Select from the list of your cards the one you want to set necessary limitation
  • Click the option "Limit change" in tab "Operations" and set necessary values by following the system instructions.

You can activate such limit changes for your card for a 1-day period or until the card's expiry date.

The same service of changing preset limitations for transactions under your card is available in the Bank outlet as well. The service is chargeable in accordance with the effective tariffs of the Bank.

Are any loyalty programs or benefits available for card holders? How can I participate?

Yes. Once in a while, Credit Agricole holds certain Promotions or promotional campaigns for holders of its cards. In such event, the Bank communicates the terms and rules of such campaigns to the customers by posting the relevant information in section "Promotional campaigns" on the website of the Bank, on official community page of Credit Agricole Ukraine on Facebook, in mass media or personally to the customer by telephone or mail.

Moreover, International Payment Systems provide long-term loyalty programs to card holders allowing the customers to receive discounts and bonus offers in certain points of sale.

For example, the International Payment System Visa has a simple global solution - Application Visa Explore, developed to inform Visa card holders about advantages of premium platform that allows them to make purchases with Visa simpler, more quickly and efficiently.

 Visa card holder can easily find special offers and promo-campaigns near his/her location in Ukraine and abroad - everything you need. Ranging from trip offers to restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

Main functions:

  • Using geolocation, function [Near] finds the best offers near your location and conveniently shows them on map. It is a perfect application for the customers who want know special promotional campaigns around.
  • Automatic messages inform about updates.
  • Users can find ATMs located nearby with the click of the button.
  • The application offers a quick access to emergency aid and telephone numbers of support service for premium card holders.

Read the installation and use instructions>> and Download application (link).

International payment System MasterCard developed its platform named "Bilshe" and allows the customers to receive discounts on certain goods by paying with Mastercard card for any purchases.

To join the program:

  • Go to the program's web site at
  • Register
  • Add the card to the system
  • Get bonus points and exchange them to discounts from the catalogue.

Any MasterCard cards are eligible to participate in the program.

What documents should I submit to open the card?

In order to open the card the following documents should be submitted:

  • passport of citizen of Ukraine (for non-residents – passport or other ID)
  • Identification Code Certificate (if any)

In addition:

  • for deposit card – a copy of the Deposit Agreement concluded with Credit Agricole should be also submitted.
  • for credit card - certificate on income for the last 6 months is required. When opening the credit card under salary project, the employment confirmation letter containing the position held and income received for the last 6 months is not required.
  • for pension and social card - identity document or other document confirming the customer's right to social payments should be submitted.
How to use ATM?

All operations in ATM are performed by pressing respective buttons near the screen and on keypad.

Getting started:

  • Before making any transactions, make sure that ATM is working.
  • Gently insert the card into the ATM with magnetic stripe down on the right. The card will be in ATM until the transaction is complete.
  • Select the preferred language and press the relevant button.
  • Enter your PIN-code and confirm it by pressing the relevant button near the screen. PIN-code can be requested either once for all transactions or several times before every transaction.

Note! After the incorrect PIN-code is entered for three times, the ATM will retain your card for security purposes.

Select transaction:

select necessary transaction from the list displayed on the screen of ATM: "ACCOUNT BALANCE", "CASH WITHDRAWAL", "MINI SLIP" or "PAYMENT".

Account balance:

  • When transaction "ACCOUNT BALANCE" is selected, the amount of your account balance will be displayed on the screen. Note! Your account balance can be checked only in ATMs of Credit Agricole.
  • ATM will print a slip with card account balance on it, and then the message "Other transaction?" will pop up and options "Yes" and "No" will appear.

Cash withdrawal:

  • If you need a bigger amount than those indicated on the screen, press the button "Other amount". Then enter necessary amount using a keypad and press the button "Correct".
  • If you entered the wrong amount by mistake, press the button "Not correct" and start over again.
  • If you need an amount bigger than maximum one-time withdrawable amount, repeat the operation until you have the necessary amount. Each ATM has limited amount for one-time withdrawal.
  • Having entered the amount, wait several seconds — your request is being processed. Once the requested bills are in cash dispenser, take them out without delay.

Attention! Bills not taken out during 20 seconds will be retained by ATM!

Mini slip:

  • If you want to check your account status, select transaction "MINI SLIP".
  • ATM will print a slip with your card account where the last 10 transactions will be indicated.

Repeat transaction:

If you want to repeat any transaction, press the button "Yes" next to "CONTINUE?" and select necessary transaction.


If you want to finish the work with ATM, press the button "No". ATM should give you the card back and a slip. The card should be taken out during 30 seconds.

Attention! ATMs will retain the forgotten cards!

Questionnaire for a legal entity
How do I know whether my card allows using 3D Secure technology?

CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK cares about our customers’ payment security; therefore all cards issued by the Bank, without exception, will be connected to 3D technology automatically and for free.

Can I refuse to use this service?

The use of 3D Secure is aimed at the protection of funds of the Bank’s customers, therefore the service is mandatory. Moreover, you will not be able to make a purchase at web-sites that support 3D Secure without prior activation and use of this service.

I have a foreign mobile phone operator. How do I activate the service?

In such case, you can seek help of the Bank’s Contact Centre. You should call the number of the hotline indicated on the reverse side of your card.

How do I activate the service if my name and surname are not indicated on the card?

To activate an instant re-issued card without the name of the cardholder on it, you should enter the word INSTANT in the field “Name and surname on card”.

What should I do if my card is blocked for Internet transactions because of the incorrect input of data?

If you enter wrong activation data 3 times or in the process of using the service, your card will be blocked for Internet transactions.. To get your card unblocked, you should call the Bank’s hotline using the phone numbers indicated on the reverse side of your card.

What should I do if I am not receiving the one-time password via SMS?

If the input of one-time password is required by 3D Secure screen forms, and you are not receiving the OTP to your phone, please, make sure that:

- your mobile phone is switched on, the account is not locked, and you are located within the area of operator coverage;

- you have enough free space on your SIM card to receive new SMS messages (you should delete old SMS, if needed);

 - The account is not blocked, your tariff package allows for receipt of SMS messages, and roaming service is enabled (if you are located outside of your home network).

 If all of the above-mentioned conditions are met, please try to repeat your payment once again or call the Bank’s Hotline phone numbers indicated on the back of your card.

Can I make a payment on a website that does not support 3D Secure?

If an online store does not support 3D Secure (there is no  Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode ™ logo on its website), you can make a payment by entering the details of your card that are required by the store. However, in this case your payment transaction will not be protected by 3D Secure.

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