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«Mobile savings»

Easy and quick management of idle funds using a card

"Mobile savings" is a service of the Bank provided under the condition of obligatory opening of a card account within the package offers (free of charge). The service refers to demand deposits. There are no other additional and related services of the bank, the receipt of which is necessary for receiving the Mobile Savings service.

Product benefits:

Quick and easy 24/7 access to your savings

Deposit and withdrawal without restrictions

Security of your funds

Attractive  interest rate

Conditions of product:

The service is provided for debit cards (if it is provided by the product terms) and is available immediately after card registration

Currency: Currency of savings corresponds to the currency of card account (UAH, USD, EUR)

You do not have to visit the Bank’s outlet to replenish or return funds from the saving account, you only need an ATM of the Bank or mobile application

Interest in deposit are paid on monthly basis and added to the principal amount of the deposit

When funds are withdrawn, partially or in full, the interest accrued for the previous months is preserved

Investment term: indefinite

To transfer money to Mobile Savings deposit or back to the card account in the Internet banking system «i-Bank»:

To transfer money to the “Mobile savings” account or back to your card account you should:

  • Select the option “Money transfer” in the main menu of the ATM, then select “Transfer to the savings account” (or “Transfer from the savings account”),
  • Enter the amount of transfer,
  • Confirm the transaction
  • The funds transferred from the “Mobile savings” accounts may be used from the card account immediately.

To transfer money to Mobile Savings deposit or back to the card account in the Internet banking system «i-Bank» or mobile application.

The interest rate depends on the package offers

Package offersThe interest rate
Interest rates:
Period of Deposit (months) UAH USD EUR
unlimited 5.50% 0.01% 0.01%


Settlement payments statement
Interest rate (excluding taxes):
Deposit income before tax:

On this terms the deposit is not involved

Guarantee of the deposits reliability as CREDIT AGRICOLE is a member of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund

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You may view the balance of funds in (or get a statement of) Mobile Savings account: 

  • using i-Bank system
  • using an ATM
  • via the Contact Center of the Bank at 0 800 30 5555 (toll free from all phones within Ukraine)
  • in the mobile application
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