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E-limit – is an individual license for transfer of FX abroad issued by the NBU in electronic form to resident private individuals.

The simplified system of execution and obtaining of e-license enables the Bank’s customer to speed up cross-border FX transactions.

A resident private individual, whether an entrepreneur or not, can obtain an e-license if the e-license is obtained for the purpose of transactions that are not related to entrepreneurship activities of such person.


E-limit terms:

Amount up to Euro 200 000 (equivalent) per year

Operations for own needs and not related to entrepreneurial activity

Transaction types:

To own accounts abroad


Under the Life Insurance Contract

How to obtain:

1. Contact the outlet

2. Ensure sufficient account balance**

3. Submit a document about purpose of transfer

4. Pay the Bank’s fee

As part of service packageCost (Without VAT)
Platinum (as part of VIP-package product)UAH 1000.00
Platinum (as part of VIP-package product)UAH 2500.00
Other categoriesUAH 5000.00

* Investment abroad – is a FX transaction that involves investing of FX assets in objects of investment abroad by investee for purposes of profit or earning of social return.

Investment can be made in the form of acquisition of corporate rights and securities of foreign issuers, titles to immovable property located outside Ukraine, as well as in other forms not prohibited by the Ukrainian law.

Transactions of residents on transfer of funds intended for payment of membership (joining) fee to foreign (international) organizations and institutions, opening of accounts with foreign banks shall not be investment.

** If amount of cash crediting transaction exceeds or equals 12 monthly incomes of the customer, documents confirming the source of origin of funds to be used for this transaction are required. If it is necessary to purchase FX in the Ukrainian Interbank Foreign Exchange Market, private individual shall pay fee for FX purchase in the Ukrainian Interbank Foreign Exchange Market in accordance with tariffs of the Bank.

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