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Client-Bank CORPEX is a convenient, modern and safe tool for online finance management. This new solution by Credit Agricole satisfies all needs of remote servicing of both small/medium-size businesses and large enterprises and international companies. CORPEX implements the experience gained over nearly 30 years of the bank’s operation in the Ukrainian market, advantages of our previous Client-Bank version, and international experience of Credit Agricole Group represented in 47 countries.

It is especially valuable that the customers can use different authentication methods, and the system supports the user key certificate.

Advantages of CORPEX:

  • Online access to accounts from all over the world
  • Maximum level of service security
  • Possibility to work in any browser
  • Integration solutions between accounting systems of the customer and services of the bank
  • Allocation of system access rights by amounts, users, and types of transactions
  • Possibility to work in multi-customer mode
  • Simple and convenient interface

Functionalities of CORPEX

  • Payments in local and foreign currencies
  • Statements (official, projected, for the period, by recipient, and other filters)
  • Balances (funds in the account or group of accounts)
  • All types of applications (loan, deposit, currency purchase/sale/exchange, etc.) and a secure communication channel for sending messages
  • Payroll
  • Autoclient ensures the function of automatic import and export to/from CORPEX

CORPEX is an agile system of remote servicing that is being continuously developed in response to requests from our customers and new digital solutions emerging in the market.


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