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possibility to use credit funds without termination of deposit agreement

attractive loan interest rate

prompt making of the decision on financing

minimum documents package for the decision-making

multi-currency financing

no monthly fees and addiitional costs related to collateral

possibility to obtain a loan againt the deposit of a third party

Сonditions of financing
Term of financingdepends on deposit term
СurrencyUAH, USD, EUR
Interest rate [1]margin up to 3%
Other bank’s commissionsother commissions could be set as per arrangement with a client.
Other possible costspayment for the services of third parties (insurance company, notary, property appraiser, etc.) - according to the tariffs of such third parties chosen by the client for receiving the relevant services.
Требования к залогуимущественные права по срочному депозиту юридического лица и/или физического лица

[1] Financing price.

Loan against funds or property rights to deposit placed with the Bank allows you to quickly receive a loan on the most favorable terms.


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