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IT Security

Prohibit remote SIM card reissue

How to protect yourself and your finances from fraudsters?

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A note on security

We would like to draw your attention to the increase of phishing* incidents on the banking services market.

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What is phishing and how to recognize a phishing attack

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Don't take the bait!

All kinds of con artists are trying to get their hands on your information or access systems using phishing scams

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Open Sesame!

Several studies show that the most commonly used password this year was, once again, "123456".

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An Open Secret

We often forget that ‘public’ essentially means unsecured, whether unintentionally or not. This makes your personal or confidential information prone to theft.

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Watch out for the sharks!

When shopping online, signing up for a newsletter, joining a club or blogging, at some point we have all provided personal information

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Because we're worth it!

The Internet has created a new type of marketing that targets advertisements and messages using information that Internet users themselves have provided.

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Power is nothing without control!

Our digital heritage keeps on growing.

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Beware of social engineering

Method that seeks to win our trust in order to bypass security systems.

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