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Usage of funds without limits

Deposit «Free»

Conditions of the deposit:

for Small and Medium business 

interest rate - 3% p.a.

demand deposit

minimal amount for deposit opening is UAH 10 000

the Bank returns funds to the current account on the day of your application without limitation

interest income on deposit is credited to your settlement account on a monthly basis

fixed interest rate on deposit allows you to get high income regardless of the deposit amount and remains unchanged when the deposit is zeroed[1]

with "Free" deposit you can place temporarily available funds on deposit account and return them to your current account in the same easy manner without commission for transfer of funds

Deposit comparison

Deposit conditionsDeposit TermDeposit Free
Featuresfunds placement for a certain periodusing of funds without limitation
Termfrom 1 to 18 monthsdemand deposit
CurrencyUAH / USDUAH
Minimal sum for deposit opening50 000 UAH / 2 000 USD10 000 UAH
Replenishment and early withdrawalnot providedprovided
Interest ratefor deposit in UAH: from 9% (for a term of up to 1 month) to 11% (for a term of more than 3 months)
for deposit in USD: 0,01%
Interest paymentto depositor’s current account on monthly basis / at the end of deposit termto depositor’s current account on monthly basis

[1]: zeroing – decreasing deposit amount up to 1 hryvnia


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