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Financial leasing

Financial leasing is an alternative and convenient way of financing.

CREDIT AGRICOLE buys a leasing object (asset) of your choice at your request. You, in turn, make leasing payments according to the financial leasing agreement.

Benefits of financial leasing from CREDIT AGRICOLE:

You get the best price offer for the leasing object from the seller, because the Bank instantly pays 100% of the value of the goods

Costs of registration are included in the payment schedule

No additional collateral is required

The Bank passes to you the title to the leasing object after fulfillment of all obligations under the financial leasing agreement

Terms of financial leasing from CREDIT AGRICOLE:

Leasing objects 

New (not put into exploitation) movable property with warranty, officially imported or locally produced*


Official dealers or authorized representatives that meet the requirements of the Bank


Mandatory. The insurance can be taken out by the Bank or the Lessee through insurance companies authorized by the Bank

Terms of financing
Agricultural machinery, equipment
12-60 months
Down payment
from 15%
Type of annual rate
Minimum amount of financing
from EUR 10 thousand in UAH equivalent
Rate per annum
by agreement with the Client
Organization fee
Requirements to Lessees
Legal entities:
  1. that carry out business activities and can provide official reporting for the last two years;
  2. without negative credit history and with good business reputation;
  3. with annual income from UAH 5 mio.
Repayment plans
standard, annuity, personalized
Related expense:
  • costs related to registration of leasing object
  • payment of tax to the Pension Fund
Included in the leasing payment schedule. The amount is determined by relevant public authorities:
Opportunity to withdraw from the financial leasing agreement
The Lessee may withdraw from the financial leasing agreement prior to signing the act of acceptance, provided that all costs and losses incurred by the Bank in connection with the implementation of the financial leasing agreement are reimbursed
Early fulfilment of the financial leasing agreement
Not earlier than 12 months from the date of acceptance and transfer of the leasing object on the terms specified in the financial leasing agreement
Making amendments to the financial leasing agreement
By entering into addendum agreement to the financial leasing agreement

*Cars, vans, minibuses, trucks, self-propelled and non-self-propelled agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery for post-harvest processing, special equipment, forklifts and warehouse trucks.

5 easy steps to get financial leasing:

Fill in the application form and provide the document package

Receive approval from the Bank

Sign the agreement and make the down payment

The Bank will purchase and register the leasing object

Get the leasing object for use

Why the minimum leasing term is 12 months?

This requirement is established by the legislation of Ukraine. According to article 1 of Law No 723/97, the specified term of financial leasing must be at least one year. In addition, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code, at least 75% of the value of the leasing object must be depreciated over the leasing term.

Can the Lessee choose any seller?

All sellers with whom the Bank will cooperate must meet the requirements of the Bank's Compliance Risks.

How will exchange rates affect leasing payments?

Usually, exchange rates may affect the amount of leasing payments. However, the Bank currently offers financing in the domestic currency without any pegging to exchange rates.

Is it possible to fulfill obligations early?

Yes, it is possible, but not earlier than 12 months from the date of acceptance-transfer of the leasing object under the conditions specified in the financial leasing agreement.

Is it possible to sublease the object of financial leasing?

Subleasing is prohibited under the terms of the financial leasing agreement.

How does insurance impact on the total amount of leasing payments?

Insurance is obligatory for leasing in any case. The Bank is in a position to make the best offers for Lessee: low tariffs and monthly payments during leasing tenor.

Will Lessee have possibility to equip leasing object additionally?

Yes, it is possible after written approval on the Bank`s side.

What are the Bank's actions if the Lessee decides to withdraw from the financial leasing agreement?

In this case, the Bank, as the owner of the leasing object, withdraws and organizes the process of selling the leasing object.

Who is responsible in case of destruction or damage of the leasing object?

The Lessee is responsible for the condition, safe operation, integrity and safety of the leasing object.

What about insurance for leasing object?

The leasing object needs insurance during leasing tenor. Insurant is allowed to be the Bank or the Lessee and it is topic for negotiation before the Lessee`s request. Insurer has to be an insurance company authorized by the Bank.


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