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Reliable instrument that ensures effecting of payments.

Documentary operations

JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” offers documentary operations as a reliable tool for ensuring payment execution.

Documentary operations – a convenient form of payment, which allows to protect the interests of clients and their counterparties and minimize the risks in trade operations.

Advantages of documentary operations:

  • combine settlement, guarantee and credit operations that allow to take into account the interests of different parties of the contract;
  • the cost of these services is much lower than classic lending;
  • Credit Agricole guarantees are accepted for most Ukrainian and foreign companies in Ukraine.

The large international network of CREDIT AGRICOLE GROUP and the high bank reliability rating allow to use intra-group limits to confirm letters of credit by foreign banks of CREDIT AGRICOLE GROUP and / or to issue guarantees under bank's counter-guarantees.

It gives benefits for the clients of JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” in organization of a trade operations and reduces costs of banking services - the price of confirmation by a foreign bank of CREDIT AGRICOLE GROUP is lower due to group pricing policy.

Documentary letters
Documentary letter of credit – bank’s obligation issued as per buyer’s (applicant’s) instructions to make a payment in seller’s (beneficiary’s) favor subject to rec...
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Bill avalization

Bill avalization – operation according to which the bank undertakes the responsibility to pay the bill for payer in case of failure to pay the bill by such payer within payment period.

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Banking guarantee
Bank guarantee is a tool of proper and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations in relations with your counterparties which represent written bank’s obligation to pay the beneficiary (your...
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