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As representatives of the socially responsible Group, we at Credit Agricole develop a culture of transparent and honest business, adhere to ethical principles and code of cooperation, in particular in the procurement process. In this way we contribute to the development of healthy competition on the market and promote sustainable economic development.

General principles of procurement organization
Business relations with the bank

If you want to establish business relationships with the Bank, please fill in the form at the link.

Please send the presentation of your offers / services / experience to e-mail 

Information regarding the sale of real estate can be found at the link or by sending a request to the e-mail   

Subject to a positive review of information on certain types of goods, works or services the Bank will send an invitation to your company to participate in the competition. Completion of the Questionnaire is an obligatory point for participation in the competition.

Planned competitions

1 - Cash equipment

JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE UKRAINE is looking for providers of cash equipment (Sorters of coins and banknotes, Currency detector, Cash-teller and etc.), consumables and spare parts, cash equipment maintenance & repairs in the Bank’s premises all over Ukraine

2 - Cash desk and Depositary equipment

JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE UKRAINE is looking for providers of Cash desk and Depositary equipment (cash desk, deposit stacks and cells, safe deposit box, deposit doors, etc.), their repairs and maintenance in the Bank’s premises all over Ukraine

3 - Cash collection 

JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE UKRAINE is looking forward to extend the list of cash collection partners providing ATM & outlets servicing all around Ukraine, as well as for interregional cash transfers

4 - Furniture 

JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE UKRAINE is looking for providers of Furniture (Wardrobe, Сupboard, Armchair, Reception desk, Kitchen, Workplace, etc.) in Bank’s premises all over Ukraine

5 - GPS monitoring of cars

JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE UKRAINE is looking for providers of GPS trackers for cars with its installations and their maintenance

6 - Construction materials and consumables for repairs

JSC CREDIT AGRICOLE UKRAINE is looking for providers of small construction materials (mounting foam, screws etc.) and various consumables (batteries, light bulbs, plumbing, etc.) for repairs in Bank’s premises all over Ukraine


JSC “Credit Agricole Bank” has zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, bribery, fraud, or any other illegal or unethical practices. The Bank expects its employees, clients, suppliers, partners and any third-party interacting with the Bank to fight corruption and fraud and to comply with Ukrainian legislation and international standards. Should you face any unlawful or non-ethic actions (e.g. corruption, bribery attempts, fraud and other) when cooperating with the Bank, please report the case through : This platform is used by Credit Agricole Group to protect whistleblowers from retaliation. The received facts will be analyzed by the Compliance staff on the basis of principles of confidentiality. The BKMS system is available in 11 languages, including Ukrainian and English. It is accessible and operates around the clock, you will only need internet access.

A conflict of interest includes but is not limited to a situation in which a party has a relationship that puts them in a position - directly or through third parties - to have access to insider information of the bank or to influence the results and/or the decision of the competitive committee.

Credit Agricole is committed to follow the highest standard of ethics and business practices in the procurement activities. The Bank will therefore reject any information/proposal put forward by bidders, or, where applicable, terminate the contract with the selected supplier if it is determined that the respective bidder or supplier has engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices. Furthermore, the Bank may discontinue any business relations with such party on a constant basis.

Hope for mutually fruitful cooperation!

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