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Corporate banking

Cash management is a set of products, solutions, processes and methods aimed at cash flow managing. Cash Management is an important business tool that enables bank Clients to reduce their costs and effectively manage their financial performance.

Cash management as transactional banking is a key area of customer service not only for Credit Agricole Bank but for Credit Agricole Group in general.

Current account is a starting point in cash management and relations between the Bank and the Client. Credit Agricole Bank offers current accounts in national and foreign currencies, which open access to the Bank's services in order to cover the daily needs of the company in transactional banking.

Payables and Receivables – payments to counterparties, tax and social security payments, payroll, corporate cards, replenishments in cash and non-cash forms

Cash Pooling - regular transferring (consolidation) of account balances from Slave accounts to Master account of the Client (automatically, in accordance with the schedule agreed with the customer). Cash Pooling Models:

  • Zero Balance Account – is a local cash pool service that concentrates all company’s funds into one Master account
  • Target balance Account – automatic transfer of funds from the Slave account to the Master account in case if the balance exceeds predefined limit of balance in the slave account in the amount of such excess
  • Closing of overdrafts – automatic transfer of funds from Master account to Slave account in the amount of existing overdrafts

Host-to-Host SFTP is an automated solution for data transfer between the Bank and the Client. Solution is applicable for Large Corporate with many subsidiaries and centralized treasury in the Headquarters (the so-called “Payments factory”)

SWIFT Net – executing of direct debit of funds from a current account of the company based on payment instruction over SWIFTNet (MT101 massage for FIN or XML ISO20022 for FileAct) initiated by the company’s Headquarters

Automated overnight deposits - late investment via automated overnight deposit placement from the current account and automatic deposit repayment on the next banking day (first transaction). Minimum balance shall be kept in the account. Interest is accrued daily and paid to the current account at the last banking day of the month

Reporting. The Bank provides various statements and reports to their Clients: official and forecast (intraday) account statement, statements SWIFT MT940, structured reports for auditors purposes (detailed information about all types of products/activities), automatic sending of SWIFT MT103 incoming messages.


  • Working capital financing under appropriate security configuration
  • COFACE, Hermes and other ECA-covered financing
  • Multi-sourced and co-financings through participation in loans provided buy IFIs (EBRD, IFC…)
  • Promissory notes discounting to get more attractive trade conditions
  • Pre and post-export financing
  • Financing of distributors and suppliers


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