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Corporate banking

Credit Agricole Bank is a leading Cash management bank for International and Large Corporates which is confirmed by results of annual Euromoney Cash Management surveys (Cash Management Bank №2 in Ukraine in 2020, №3 - in 2019, № 2 - in 2018). This is achieved through the recognizing the importance of flexibility, chose for optimal products and individual service.

Cash Management solutions provide the opportunity to simplify and optimize process efficiency and effectiveness of cash flow managing.

Should you have any questions concerning Cash Management products, please contact the Cash Management Division: (044)490-14-79 or (044)498-72-51

Rules of complex banking service for clients of international and large corporate business

Current account is a start of a relationship with Credit Agricole Bank, the starting point in the organization of cash flow management.

Current accounts open access to the Bank's services in order to cover the daily needs of the company in transactional banking.

Credit Agricole Bank offers a comprehensive range of bank accounts in local and foreign currencies: UAH, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, CHF, SEK, CAD, JPY, DKK, PLN, CZK

Payables and receivables

Credit Agricole Bank covers the daily needs of enterprises in making various payments and receipts: payments to counterparties, tax and social security payments, payroll, corporate cards, replenishments in cash and non-cash forms


Obtaining operational information on the accounts allows you to effectively manage the liquidity of the enterprise and exercise control.To this end, Credit Agricole Bank provides various statements and reports to its Clients: official and forecast (interim) account statement, SWIFT MT 940 statements, structured report for auditors on the total amount of loans, deposit accounts, etc., automatic mailing of SWIFT MT10 incoming messages10 .

Liquidity management

To effectively manage cash flows between multiple accounts, Credit Agricole Bank has physical pooling offers.

Cash Pooling - regular transferring (consolidation) of account balances from Slave accounts to Master account of the Client (automatically, in accordance with the schedule agreed with the customer). Cash Pooling Models:

  • Zero Balance Account – is a local cash pool service that concentrates all company’s funds into one Master account
  • Target balance Account – automatic transfer of funds from the Slave account to the Master account in case if the balance exceeds predefined limit of balance in the slave account in the amount of such excess
  • Closing of overdrafts – automatic transfer of funds from Master account to Slave account in the amount of existing overdrafts

Credit Agricole Bank also provides a variety of options for placement of free founds of the companies.

Your manager offers you the best terms for deposits, using an individual approach to setting the interest rate depending on the type of currency, term of the deposit and the amount of balances.

Integration solutions

Credit Agricole Bank is an advanced bank in providing progressive integration solutions that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the Client.

Credit Agricole Bank proposes the following list of payment files integration and protection solutions that ensure the protection of the contents and integrity of the import files:

1.           Optim CLIC system that provides for import of payments by users without connecting external payment channels. If Optim CLIC is the only system used for payment integration, the following means and security settings can be used:

•             Setting of user rights in Optim CLIC system to restrict creation, copying and modification of payments in the system. With such scheme, imported payments can be either signed and sent or deleted. No manual editing is possible;

•             Setting of filter to enter the system by IP addresses;

•             Setting of import rules for a certain folder/file;

•             Coding of the import file: the Bank provides the Customer with a digital certificate Х.509 (RSA) with which the Customer, on its side, codes the file with payment order and imports it to the system in the encrypted form.

2.           Host-to-Host connection – file with payment orders is transferred to the Bank's server via a separate protected SFTP channel and uploaded to the Optim CLIC system. Then, in the Optim CLIC system, the payments are signed and sent by the user to the Bank. Such work scheme excludes user participation in importing the file that is transferred directly. The service is implemented using the XML ISO 20022 file format.

3.           SWIFTNet channel of data transfer — getting Customer's payments via SWIFT and their further uploading directly to the core banking system of the Bank. With such connection, the Optim CLIC system is not used in the payment processing. The peculiarity of the service is usage of direct debit for handling the payments. The service can be implemented as follows:

•             FIN MT101 – the Customer sends an МТ101 message that contains payment instructions to the Bank. If any payment is impossible to perform, the Bank creates and sends the respective MT199 message to the Customer.

•             FileAct – the service of implementation with usage of XML ISO 20022 files. The Customer sends a file with payment instructions  (pain.001.003) to the Bank and, if it is impossible to perform a certain payment, the Bank sends the respective receipt (pain.002.003) to the customer.

Should you have any questions concerning implementation of integration solutions, please contact the Cash Management Division:

(044)490-14-79 or (044)498-72-51


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