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25% сompensation of the purchased machinery and equipment cost

Implemented in accordance with the program Financial support of agricultural producers, direction Partial compensation of the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №130 from 01.03.17.

Who is eligible for compensation

Legal entities and entrepreneurs whose main activity is the supply of agricultural goods, provided that the share of such agricultural goods in the total value of all goods supplied by such legal entities and individuals is not less than 75 % during the previous 12 reporting tax periods collectively (for newcomers - according to the results of each reporting period).

Compensation amount

25% of purchased (both with own and credit funds) machinery and equipment value (excluding VAT) included in the List of domestic machinery and equipment.

How to receive

1. Make payment for machinery/ equipment from your own/ credit account in the Bank, starting from 01.01.2021

2. By December 5, 2021 (for equipment purchased before December 1), or by April 1, 2022 (for equipment purchased after December 1), submit an application to the Bank, as well as originals and copies of documents:

  • a сopy of payment order or other payment document, that confirming payment;
  • machinery and equipment purchase contract, specification;
  • invoice for machinery and equipment;
  • acceptance and transfer certificate for machinery and equipment / consigment note;
  • vehicle and / or machine registration сertificate (if the equipment is subject to mandatory state registration);
  • recipient's consent to provide his/her/its information to the the Ministry in the form defined by the Bank;
  • extract from the USREOU confirming that the enterprise is not under liquidation/bankruptcy.

3. The Bank submits the register of agricultural producers who have purchased machinery and equipment to the Ministry by the 10th of each month.

4. The Ministry transfers budget funds to the Bank by the 25th of each month. The Bank credits them to the current account of the customer within 3 bank days.

Program Restrictions

Financial support is not provided to recipients:

  • in respect of which bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated,
  • which are declared bankrupt,
  • who are in the process of liquidation,
  • who have overdue more than six months arrears of payments, the control  of which is provided of State Tax Service,
  • equipment for storage and processing of grain, the cost of which is partially compensated under the direction of "State support for the development of livestock and processing of agricultural products" is not subject to partial compensation under this budget program.


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