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Salary projects

CREDIT AGRICOLE offers a convenient way to organiza payments in your company. In the framework of the salary project you can quickly and promptly pay salaries, busines trip expenses, bonuses compensations, etc. to your employees using payment cards of leading payment systems  VISA and Masterсard.

Advantages CREDIT AGRICOLE of salary projects for your company:

Assignment of a personal manager to a certain Company service

Competitive prices with high-quality service

Salary solutions for ex-patriates

Dedicated team of professionals to implement and support salary projects

Advantages CREDIT AGRICOLE of salary projects for your employees:

Secure card payment in a trading network without writing off any additional charges

Additional income in form of interest accrued on the account positive balance

Easy access via CALL-CENTER 24/7, Internet-banking, GSM-banking

Free cash withdrawal in any ATM on the territory of Ukraine

Related services for salary cards:


PIN-code change via ATM

Mini-statements receipt in an ATM

Internet-banking «i-Bank»

Direct mobile operators phone bills cash-in in the ATMs

Insurance policies for departure abroad

Statements receipt via e-mail

Card limits change or cancellation via CALL-CENTER 24/7, Internet-banking, or in the Bank outlet

Funds transfer between card accounts

Loans to employees within the salary project framework:

Up to 62 days of grace period at 0.01% per annum, which applies to all types of transactions

Loan amount up to 3 salaries

Credit line available on a separate card issued free of charge

credit limit granted without pledge


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