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OPTIM CLIC features:

  • Easy installation and access to your bank accounts via Internet
  • Accessible from all over the world
  • High flexibility in terms of compatibilities with ERP/accounting systems and partner databases, facilitating the set-up of a new relationship
  • Segregation of rights by amounts, users, transactions
  • Multilingual: Ukrainian, English, French, German
  • Security is guaranteed via authentication using smart card technology (audited by KPMG)

Services offered through OPTIM CLIC:

  • All types of domestic and foreign currency transfers;
  • Statements (official, real-time, customized by period, beneficiary or other filters)
  • Cash management module (account positions of one entity or group of entities & merged account view)
  • All types of applications (loan, deposit, currency sale/purchase etc.) and secure mail functions

Video instructions for working in CB Corpex

Video instructions for working in СB Corpex
General information on working in the system
Work with accounts in CB Corpex


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