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Salary projects

Advantages CREDIT AGRICOLE of salary projects for your employees:

the opportunity to use the card deposit "Mobile Savings" with a higher interest rate

receive free cash at the box office branches, CREDIT AGRICOLE and "Atmosphere" ATMs

non-cash payments in the retail chain for goods and services without commission

the ability to obtain a credit card with a credit limit established under special conditions

Advantages CREDIT AGRICOLE of salary projects for your company:

convenient and secure way of payment of wages to employees of the company

reduction of cash storage and transportation of cash

anonymity in paying salaries to card accounts

Credit card terms and conditions:

duration of the credit limit for 24 months with the possibility of further extension

credit limit is set at a rate of up to 3 monthly salaries (excluding taxes, fees and other mandatory payments)

interest for using the credit line is calculated for the actual number of days use of the credit line and only on the amount used

expiration date of the grace period is up to 55 days and applies to transactions of purchase of goods / services provided in the sales and service network and the Internet

The use of the fee is a limit of 30% per annum

compulsory payment on the loan is deducted from the salary card and transferred to the credit card automatically - this saves you time

funds to repay the loan shall be credited free of charge;

Optionally, you can pay off a credit line in the amount greater than the required monthly payment (by money transfer from card to card at an ATM or any other way)

required monthly payment on the loan is 5% of the actual use of the credit limit amount

credit limit offers additional free card account and the card of a higher class

for registration of a credit line do not need to provide proof of employment

credit limit granted without pledge


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