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3D Secure

3D Secure is a technology designed to be an additional security layer for online card transactions. Each card transaction made on a web-site that supports 3D Secure technology (contains Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code logo) must be confirmed by entering a one-time password sent to your mobile phone.  

From April 2017, Credit Agricole will gradually connect its cards to the technology 3D Secure by default. To activate the service, at the time of your next online purchase, you should do the following at a web-site that supports 3D Secure

How to activate 3D Secure:

As you attempt to make a payment, an activation window pops up and prompts for a sign on

You have to enter the required data in the respective fields to activate the technology

To complete payment, you should enter the one-time password sent to you via SMS


Additional security layer for online card transactions 

Easy sign-on and comfort of service use

Free service

Important іnformation

How 3D Secure works?

Once you have been connected to 3D secure technology, you will have to enter one-time password every time you make an online card transaction at a website that supports 3D secure.  

Important information!

Every day an increasing number of web-sites and Internet stores switch to 3D secure technology in order to provide additional protection for the cards of their clients. Nevertheless, it happens that a web-site where you want to buy something using your card does not support 3D Secure technology. In such case, your payment will be processed without the additional verification of you as the cardholder. Please keep in mind Card safe usage guidelines.

When you use your card that is connected to 3D Secure technology for payment on such web-sites, it is the service bank of the Internet store that shall be responsible in the event of fraud. This means for you that the Bank will be able to get your money back if your card is used by third parties on web-sites that support 3D Secure technology.

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