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Financing of agricultural machinery / equipment purchase

Increasing production volumes and expanding business is connected with renovation of technical base. First of all, this process requires modern agricultural machinery, which can be purchased by credit costs with JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK”.

Credit products of JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” are able to satisfy the most diverse needs of agricultural producers, among which the financing of current investment needs related to technical support of the production cycle takes the leading place.

Getting a loan for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment at JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK”, you get the following benefits:

  • the loan repayment schedule is adapted to the receipt of funds from the sale of the crop;
  • reduced down payment of the client;
  • the opportunity to get a loan on favorable terms by purchasing equipment from bank’s partners.
Terms of financing
Object of financingNew and used agricultural machinery and equipment
Financing periodUp to 60 months
Currency [1]UAHUSDEUR
Financing price [2]
(include interest rate and commission for loan issuing)
15% p.a.6,5% p.a.5,5% p.a.
Other bank’s commissionsOther commissions could be set as per arrangement with a client.
Other possible costsPayment for the services of third parties (insurance company, notary, property appraiser, etc.) - according to the tariffs of such third parties chosen by the client for receiving the relevant services.
Form of loan disbursementLoan is provided in form of term loan or non-revolving credit line.
Combined financing is possible: for the 1st year - in the form of bill avalization, for the following periods - in the form of term loan.
Requirements for borrowers1) a client who specializes in agriculture having business at least 24 months
2) types of activity: growing grain and oilseeds, milk production, meat production, growing other agricultural crops
3) stable financial condition and creditworthiness
4) opening a current account in JSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” and transferring the turnover in proportion to credit debt
Requirements for collateralTechnique / equipment which is purchased for credit funds and/or property owned by the client/property guarantor (real estate, equipment, vehicles, other assets).
Insurance of pledged propertyAt any insurance company of customer’s choosing from those approved by the bank

[1] Financing in foreign currency is provided if the client has revenue in foreign currency.

[2] Financing price could be set individually as per arrangement with a client.


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