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Google Pay

GOOGLE PAY is an electronic wallet by Google for making contactless payments using your smartphone equipped with NFC technology (Android 5.0 and above). Just add a card by Credit Agricole to mobile wallet and make quick and safe payments!

To start using the Google Pay service with a Credit Agricole Bank card, follow these 3 steps:

Install the application

Download Google Pay application from Play Market

Add card by Credit Agricole

  • Select “Add a card” in Google Pay application
  • Scan face of a card or enter its details yourself
  • Fill in postal address and other fields (select KIEV City in “Oblast” field for Kyiv)
  • Complete card registration by following simple instructions on the screen

Make payments

  • Unlock your smartphone
  • Hold your smartphone close to contactless terminal
  • You will see confirmation of successful transaction on the screen of your smartphone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is online payment system developed by Google enabling users to make payments with phones with Android 5.0 and above (smartphones, tablets or watches). Payment is made through respective application using NFC technology (Near Field Communication – short range wireless technology).

Note! To use the app the screen must be locked. Google Pay cannot be run at devices with activated root access.

How to find out if my phone has NFC?

You can check availability of NFC in your phone in settings by choosing “More” in “Wireless networks” menu.

What card can be added to Google Pay?
How to activate a card in уour Google Pay?
In what shops can I pay using Google Pay?
Is the Internet connection required for making payments with phone?

For making payments in shops, it is not necessary for your smartphone to be connected to the Internet. Access to the Internet is necessary for adding a card to Google Pay.

How safe is it?

Digital analogue of a card (token) which is created once a card is added to Google Pay works only on a device on which the token is created. If card is added again on the same or other device a new unique token will be created. During the transaction exactly the token but not the actual number of your card is used. So details of your card remain protected as encrypted data. Data security is guaranteed by International Payment Systems Visa and Mastercard.

What should I do if my phone is stolen?

If mobile device is lost you should call the Contact Center of Credit Agricole at 0 800 30 5555 or +38 044 495 22 77 to have the token blocked. In such a case you will be able to use the physical card. If you cannot call the Contact Center of the Bank but can access the iBank system, you can block the payment card. When the Bank is accessible again you will be able to block the token, activate the payment card, and continue using it.  

How to perform transaction using smartphone?

Just hold your device close to terminal, but if transaction amount exceeds UAH 500 (Visa cards) or UAH 100 (Mastercard cards) you will have to unlock smartphone. If the amount is less than UAH 500/100 you will have just to wake up the phone.

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