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Loan restructuring


Many years of stable work of Credit Agricole in the financial market of Ukraine has created the image of a responsible and reliable partner who seeks to be a support to its customers in any situation. Well aware of the current situation, Credit Agricole understands each client and offers the best options for debt restructuring.

… According to the Law of Ukraine On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts of Ukraine on the application of norms for the period of martial law of March 15, 2022 N 2120-IX 18 during martial law, state of emergency and within thirty days after its termination or cancellation in case of delay by the borrower of the monetary obligation under the agreement under which the borrower was granted a loan (loan) by a bank or other lender (lender), the borrower is released from liability under Article 625 of this Code and the obligation to pay in favor of the lender (lender) penalties (fines, penalties) for such delay.


Credit Agricole offers you to choose the right solution to ease the credit burden and stabilize the financial situation with the most convenient restructuring scheme to prevent temporary difficulties

  • You can get more detailed information about the restructuring schemes at the Credit Agricole branches or by calling the help center at 0 800 30 5555.

By using the loan restructuring program, you will keep your positive credit history, which will provide you with the most acceptable way out of a difficult situation.

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