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Car insurance

Car insurance programs from reliable partners - insurance companies.

Motor Liability Insurance

Policy of mandatory insurance of civil and legal liability of motor vehicle owners “Motor Liability Insurance” – secures the compensation of losses caused in case of a road traffic accident with usage of the vehicle if you are a guilty party in the accident.

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Voluntary civil liability

The policy of Voluntary civil liability of vehicle owners (VCL) extends (increases) the insurance amount (insurance cover) if the amount of insurance cover of “Motor Liability Insurance” policy is not sufficient.

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Green card

Green card is the insurance of vehicle owner liability for damage caused to third persons as a result of road accident, in particular: life, health and/or property of third persons and/or moral damage while travelling to the member countries of the Green Card system.

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The program CASCO “All Inclusive” is a voluntary insurance of light vehicles with maximum period of usage of 10 years (120 months) inclusive as of the date of Insurance Agreement conclusion, as well as additional equipment of vehicle (tele, audio and radio equipment, additional equipment of passenger compartment, light, alarm and other equipment installed in the vehicle but not included to its factory package).

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