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The highest rates do not always matter, 

what matters is reliability



Allocate funds and  receive the maximum possible income even over the short period of time

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“Prospect” deposit at an increasing rate and the option of full early withdrawal without losing interest.

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Replenish your deposit and get the maximum profit at the end of the period.

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"Monthly income"

Garanteed get your monthly income from the deposit.

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Replenish the deposit at any time or  withdraw funds partially without sanctions

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Save up money till the child reaches its legal age and create financial basis for obtaining education, property and all other essential things.

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«Mobile savings»

Easy and quick management of idle funds using a card

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Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund*

Savings guarantee

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Products and interest rates

Choose the best deposit for you

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Deposit calculator

The calculations are approximate. The real amount of interest may differ from the calculation based on the number of days in each month and the distinguishing features of the terms of deposits.

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