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Card safe usage guidelines

  • Keep secret your PIN
  • If you have suspicions that your PIN has become known to other persons, you can change it in the ATM network of CREDIT AGRICOLE or by calling the bank's help center 0 800 30 5555
  • Do not give your card to any third parties and do not disclose its details (card number, cardholder’s name and surname, expiration date, PIN-code and CVC2/CVV2 codes)
  • Subscribe to GSM-banking service, which enables you to have 24/7 control over the funds in your account, Your will be receiving SMS-notifications on any transactions made with your card to your mobile phone or enable Push messages in the CA+ mobile application
  • Install the CA+ mobile application
  • 0 800 30 5555 (toll free within the territory of Ukraine from any phone), +38 044 495 22 77 (according to the tariffs of your mobile phone provider). THIS IS A SIMPLE WAY TO KEEP YOUR FUNDS SAFE!

To protect your payment card data, you are kindly requested to adhere to the following safety rules of Internet transactions:

  1. Never disclose your CVV2/CVC2 code to any third parties (three digits on the back of the payment card)
  2. Always make sure that web-sites where you want to pay with your card begin with https:// and not http://.
  3. If you are redirected from a web-site beginning with https:// to a page that begins with http://, DO NOT enter your card data.
  4. If the digits of CVV2/CVC2 are NOT masked with asterisks when you enter them, it is recommended to opt out of making the transaction on such web-site.
  5. If you see a blank (white) page with the message “Transaction rejected” (or without such message) after you have made a transaction, you should immediately block your card via the Contact center and provide the address of the web-site to the Bank employees for the verification of the transaction.
  6. Never disclose any personal data and/or your card data in response to any emails. Under no circumstances should you go to Internet addresses given in such emails.

Important noteRemember that Bank representatives never ask for the details of payment cards by telephone and/or in emails sent from the Bank.

If you have suspicions that your card details were compromised to any third parties or if you have indiscreetly left/entered your card details at doubtful web-sites, you must immediately report it to the Bank’s Contact Center and block the card in order to prevent eventual financial losses.

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free