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Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund*

We would like to inform You that the amount of funds being compensated at the expense of funds of Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund under deposits including interest is up to 200 000,00 UAH (Resolution №27 dd. 21.08.2012 by the Administrative council of Deposit guarantee fund “On deposit compensation limit increase” ).

We inform you that as part of the information policy of the Fund and to ensure the organization of educational work among the public, the Fund made two short videos about the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals called "Able to earn, learn to save" and "Family savings guarantee" that have been established to promote the public (depositors and potential depositors) warranty Information savings banks participating in the Fund. Videos can be viewed on the official channel of the Fund on Youtube.

You may get additional information having called the hot line of the Fund:

Tel.: 0-800-308-108
Address of the Fund:
17, Sichovykh Striltsiv, Kyiv, 04053
Official web-site:

The official website of the Fund with information about the conditions of deposits guarantee (section "Коштищо гарантуються Фондом")

The official website of the Fund with information for Depositors what is not covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund under Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine "On individual deposit guarantee system" (section "Коштиякі Фонд не відшкодовує")

The official website of the Fund with information on the protection of depositors' rights (section "Захист прав вкладників")

Current version of  the Law of Ukraine «On the System of Deposit Guarantee»

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