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Loan for business development

The credit for business development in "Credit Agricole" will help you to realize new projects and also to expand the volume of existing business and enter a new stage of its development.

Terms of financing
Object of financing
1) financing purchases of permanent assets (except vehicles) for conducting business activities;
2) modernization /repairs of real estate used in business activity;
3) other investment needs of business aimed at its development and expansion (including construction).
Maximum loan amount
Up to 75% of the project’s cost – in case the property which is purchased for credit funds is a single collateral;
Up to 90% - if other property is provided as a collateral.
Financing period
Maximum period of financing:

  • for purchase/creation of fixed assets: up to 60 months inclusively
  • for reconstruction/repair of real estate – up to 36 months inclusively
Currency [1]
Financing price [2]
(include interest rate and commission for loan issuing)
15,0% p.a.6,5% p.a.5,5% p.a.
Other bank’s commissionsOther commissions could be set as per arrangement with a client.
Other possible costsPayment for the services of third parties (insurance company, notary, property appraiser, etc.) - according to the tariffs of such third parties chosen by the client for receiving the relevant services.
Form of loan disbursement
Loan is provided in form of non-revolving credit line. Credit funds are transferred in cashless form from the loan account to the current account of the borrower or counterparty according to agreement/invoice (in case the client provides such instructions).
Repayment sсhedule
Loan is repaid in equal amounts on a monthly basis, payment of interest - on a monthly basis. The first repayment of loan can be deferred, if such deferred payment is reasonable. Maximum period of deferment - 6 months from the start of financing.
Requirements for borrowers
1) customer whose business is in operation not less than 12 months;
2)  financial stability and solvency;
3) opening of a current account with PJSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” and transfer of turnovers in proportion to loan debt.
Requirements for collateral
Property which is purchased for credit funds and/or property owned by the client/ property guarantor (real estate, equipment, vehicles, other assets).
Insurance of pledged property
At any insurance company of customer’s choosing from those approved by the Bank

[1]: Foreign currency loan is extended only if there are foreign currency revenues.

[2]: Financing price could be set individually as per arrangement with a client.


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