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IBAN (international bank account number)

What is IBAN?

IBAN is the international bank account number which is assigned in accordance with ISO 13616 standard.

Advantages of using the IBAN number of bank account:

  • possibility to identify the payer and the receiver of funds as well as their servicing Ukrainian bank in an easy and convenient way
  • avoid mistakes in bank account details due to the reduced details in the payment documents
  • send and receive money faster.

Find out your IBAN details on the account number opened with Credit Agricole Bank


According to the Resolutions of NBU № 162 dated from 28.12.2018 and № 41 dated from 22.02.2019, the Bank will be opening and serving accounts of its customers under the IBAN standard.

The National Bank of Ukraine established a transition period from 05.08.2019 till 12.01.2020, during which customers are allowed to make payments either in the old format or in accordance with the IBAN standard.


Using IBAN number will become obligatory for Bank clients starting from 13.01.2020 for money transfers in the domestic and foreign currencies, including cross-border transfers.

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