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Deposit «Term»

Conditions of the deposit:

interest rate [1]:

  • for deposits in UAH:up to 6%
  • for deposits in USD: 0.01%

no replenishment and early withdrawal option

minimal deposit amount — 50 000 UAH / 2 000 USD

interest income is credited to your settlement account on a monthly basis / at the end of deposit term

with "Term" deposit you can place funds for the term from 1 day to 18 months

Deposit comparison

Deposit conditionsDeposit TermDeposit FreeDeposit Fruitful
Featuresfunds placement for a certain periodusing of funds without limitationusing of funds without limitation

interest rate is adjusted to seasonality of agro-business
Termfrom 1 day to 18 monthsdemand depositdemand deposit
Minimal sum for deposit opening50 000 UAH / 2 000 USD10 000 UAH50 000 UAH
Replenishment and early withdrawalnot providedprovidedprovided
Interest rate [1]for deposit in UAH:
1-6 days 4.5%
7-13 days 5.0%
14-20 days 5.5%
over 21 days 6.0%

for deposit in USD: 0,01%
3%November - March: 3%
April - October: 1,5%
Interest paymentto depositor’s current account on monthly basis / at the end of deposit termto depositor’s current account on monthly basisto depositor’s current account on monthly basis

[1]: interest rate could be set individually as per arrangement with a client


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