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Overdraft is a flexible and convenient instrument which allows you to maintain stability of your business when payments from counterparties are delayed, or when there is a shortage or lack of funds in the current account.
Overdraft conditions
Overdraft typeunsecured (blank)secured
Limit amountup to 40% from average monthly net proceeds to current accounts for the last 3 calendar monthsup to 75% of the average monthly revenue for the previous reporting year
Overdraft periodup to 12 months
Period of uninterrupted overdraft utilizationup to 3 monthsup to 12 months
Pledgewithout pledge;
obligatory conclusion of a surety agreement with one of the actual business owners and/or related parties
real estate, equipment, vehicles, other assets
Insurance-at any of the insurance companies accredited by the bank
Financing price 1
(include interest rate and commission for loan issuing)
17 % p.a.15 % p.a.
Other bank’s commissionsother commissions could be set as per arrangement with a client.
Other possible costspayment for the services of third parties (insurance company, notary, property appraiser, etc.) - according to the tariffs of such third parties chosen by the client for receiving the relevant services.

[1] Financing price could be set individually as per arrangement with a client.


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