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Get preferential financing under the state program " Available loans 5-7-9%" in CREDIT AGRICOLE!

"Available loans 5-7-9%" is a program that provides for the expansion of access to small and medium businesses of bank financing, namely obtaining loans at a reduced interest rate.

Purpose of the Program:

  • development of investment projects, which allows to create new jobs;
  • prevention and spread of diseases (COVID-19) in Ukraine, as well as prevention of its consequences;
  • refinancing of existing debt on existing loans to commercial banks in Ukrainian banks.
Purpose of the loan
Loan amount
Base interest rate
Interest rate for the Borrower*
Commissions under the loan
Loan for replenishment of working capital

up to 50 mln UAH (maximum amount of existing loans per the Borrower together with its Group which are included in the Program at the same time)
floating with quarterly review UIRD3m+margin

margin is determined at level:
7% — if annual turnover of the Borrower together with its Group up to 2 mln EUR;

6% — if annual turnover of the Borrower together with its Group from 2 up to 10 mln EUR;

5% — if annual turnover of the Borrower together with its Group from 10 up to 20 mln EUR

0% p.a. - during quarantine/restrictive measures + 90 days after their cancellation

7% p.a. - after above mentioned period and till the end of the loan
0,75% - for loan providing (one-time)

0,75% - for loan servicing(for the whole period of financing)

Financing the capital costs of manufacturers of medicines, medical products and medical equipment as well as refinancing of  existing loans provided for such purposes
Refinancing of existing loans
0% p.a. - till March, 31, 2021

3% p.a. - from 01.04.2021 and till the end of the loan

* Interest rate for the Borrower – is the part of Base interest rate which is paid by the Borrower in the absence of circumstances to suspend or terminate compensation under the Program.

The difference between the Base interest rate and the Interest rate for the Borrower shall be compensated by the Fund of entrepreneurship development.

In the event of circumstances for the suspension or termination of compensation to the Borrower, the Borrower shall pay the Base interest rate on its own account in full.


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