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Get financing on preferential terms within state program "Available loans 5-7-9%" in Сredit Agricole!

"Available loans 5-7-9%" is a program that provides simplification of access for SME and Corporate enterprises to financing, namely, obtaining of loans at a reduced interest rate.

Direction 2 (Anti-COVID): preventing of spread of the disease COVID-19 in Ukraine as well as eliminating of its consequences
during the period of quarantine + 90 days
Direction 3 (Refinancing): refinancing of existing debt under existing loans for business purposes provided by Ukrainian banks
up to 01.09.2022
Direction 5 (Agro producers):
financing of agricultural producers
 for carrying out agricultural activities during the period of martial law
up to 31.10.2022
Direction 6 (Anti-war):
financing to prevent and overcome Russian aggression
 and its consequences
during martial law

BorrowerPurpose of the loan
Loan term
Loan amount*
Base interest rate **
Compensative interest rate for the Borrower***
Commissions under the loan
Direction 2. Anti-COVID 
Borrower with annual turnover
up to 50 m EUR

replenishment of working capital
up to36 months

up to 60 m UAH 

floating with quarterly review

margin is determined at level:

7% — if annual turnover of the Borrower up to 2 m EUR;

6% — if annual turnover of the Borrower from
2 up to 10 m EUR;

5% — if annual turnover of the Borrower from
10  m EUR

0% p.a. – during quarantine/restrictive measures + 90 days after their cancellation

7% p.a. – after above mentioned period and till the end of the loan

0,75% - for loan providing

0,75% - for loan servicing

financing the capital costs of manufacturers of medicines, medical products and medical equipment as well as refinancing of  existing loans provided for such purposes
up to 60 months
Direction 5.
Agro producers

Agricultural producer with any annual turnover
replenishment of working capital purchase of fixed assets
up to12 months
up to 90 m UAH
0% p.a. — for the first 6 months

5% p.a. – from the 7th month and till the end of the loan
Direction 6.

Borrower with
any annual turnover
replenishment of working capital
up to36 months
up to 60 m UAH
0% річних — на період воєнного стану + 1 місяць 5% річних — після цього періоду і до кінця строку кредиту
investment goals
up to60 months

* Maximum amount of loans per the Borrower together with its Group, which could be included in the Program at the same time

** For the period of martial law and 90 days after its cancellation, a Minimum interest rate of no more than 20% p.a. may be additionally set. The difference between the Minimum interest rate and the Base interest rate to be paid by the Borrower at his own expense in addition to the Compensative interest rate for the Borrower.

*** The Compensative interest rate for the Borrower – is a part of the Base interest rate which is paid by the Borrower in the absence of circumstances to suspend or terminate compensation under the Program.

The difference between the Base interest rate and Compensative interest rate for the Borrower shall be compensated by the Fund of entrepreneurship development.

In the event of circumstances for the suspension or termination of compensation to the Borrower, the Borrower shall pay the Base interest rate on its own account in full.

Who can get a loan?

  • The Borrower can be a business entity – a resident of Ukraine, who is:
    • individual entrepreneur, registered in accordance with the procedure established by law, or
    • a legal entity whose final beneficial owners (controllers) are individuals - residents of Ukraine.

WARNING! In the case of financing under Direction 5 (Agro producers), there are no restrictions on the residency of participants (founders) and/or final beneficiaries.

  • The Borrower cannot be a person, participant (shareholder, member) or final beneficiary of which are citizens of a state recognized by Ukraine as an aggressor state or an occupying state, and/or a person who belongs or used to belong to terrorist organizations.
  • The term of economic activity is at least 12 months.
  • The total amount received by the Borrower together with its Group:
    • state support during the last three-year period cannot exceed the equivalent of 200,000 EUR;
    • state support that meets the criteria of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 03.03.2021 No. 200 "On approval of the criteria for assessing the admissibility of state support to business entities to overcome the consequences caused by the coronavirus disease COVID-19", cannot exceed the equivalent of 400,000 EUR starting from the date of quarantine (including state support received during last three-year period).

WARNING! The restriction does not apply during martial law.

  • The Borrower must not belong to the entities defined in Art. 13 of the Law "On the development and state support of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine", namely:
    • are credit organizations, insurance organizations, investment funds, non-state pension funds, professional participants of securities market, pawnshops;
    • produce and/or sell weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, currency exchange;
    • provide real estate for rent, which is one of the main types of activity;
    • declared bankrupt or in respect of whom a bankruptcy case has been initiated;
    • are in the stage of termination of the legal entity;
    • intentionally submitted false information and documents when applying for state support;
    • have debts to the budget, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, mandatory state social insurance funds;
    • received state support in violation of the conditions of its provision or conditions regarding the targeted use of budget funds, which was proven in accordance with the established procedure.


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