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Masterсard Bilshe

World Mastercard, Platinum, Black Edition and  World Elite credit cards from CREDIT AGRICOLE is a unique way to receive a bonus paying for goods and services at home or abroad, in a store or over the Internet.

Each time you pay with World Mastercard, Platinum and  World Elite cards, you get scores which may be exchanged for gifts, airplane tickets or hotel bookings within the framework of the loyalty program.

Redeem rewards

How to accumulate points? :

You receive 1 point for each spent 20 UAH or 1 point for each spent 10 UAH in case you use Napoleon or Drive card

Additional 15 points if the amount of  payment exceed 1 500 UAH

Special offer: all points accumulated during the 1 month from the opening date of card will double.

How to use accumulated points :

In your own Mastercard Bilshe program at any time you can check the number of accumulated points and сhange it for presents from the catalog of travel and presents.

We have created the catalogue of loyalty program in order to give the possibility for our clients to find something special for yourself

The list of transactions which are excluded from the bonus program Mastercard Rewards :

Сash withdrawal from ATMs

purchases, which can be returned or compensated;

Payments for traveler's checks, and the cost of any gambling (including fees for a chance to win a prize)

Сashless transfers including transactions via the Internet - banking, ATM and transfers from card via MoneySend.

To order a package:

Package "Voyage"

Package "La Force"

Package "Sommelier"

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