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Motor Liability Insurance

Policy of mandatory insurance of civil and legal liability of motor vehicle owners “Motor Liability Insurance” – secures the compensation of losses caused in case of a road traffic accident with usage of the vehicle if you are a guilty party in the accident.

Advantages of insurance

  • 24/7 support line employees will: provide consultancy on the actions of accident participants, record the insurance event, accept the request for call of evacuator, advise on execution of Europrotocol;
  • Owners of light vehicles who purchased policies will be able to use the services of "Auto Concierge", which allows you to use the following free services:
  • Evacuation or towing of the insured car to the nearest place of storage or repair (regardless of the presence and type of damage);
  • Charging the battery;
  • Delivery of fuel (up to 10 liters, fuel at expense of the Customer);
  • Emergency opening of door locks;
  • Defrosting the door locks and trunk;
  • Delivery of a spare set of keys;
  • Mobile tire fitting;
  • Wheel replacement.

The cost of any service, the departure of the technical assistance service that will provide the service, the cost of fuel, etc. paid by the driver of the car. The number of ARX service organizations during the OSATSV policy is not limited.

Additional information

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Mandatory Insurance of Civil and Legal Liability of Vehicle Owners” the Insurer is responsible for financial losses caused by the insured Vehicle.

Insurance amount

  • For damage caused to life and health of third persons – up to UAH 260 000 per affected person;
  • For damage caused to the property of third persons – up to UAH 130 000 per affected person (if the number of affected persons is more than 5, the amount shall be reduced proportionally).

Period of validity of the agreement

The period of validity of the Motor Liability Insurance is 1 year if:

  • The vehicle is permanently registered in Ukraine;
  • The vehicle is not subject to mandatory technical control (hereinafter, MTC);
  • The vehicle is subject to MTC and the next MTC is expected in more than 12 months.

Insurance territory

  • The policy is effective all over Ukraine.

What can be insured?

  • Civil liability for damages caused to property, life or health of the third parties as a result of a traffic accident due a fault of the driver of the insured vehicle;
  • From 19 September 2011 because of changes in civil liability legislation, the vehicle owner can conclude only one type of the agreement whose insurance terms correspond to the agreement of 1 type. Under such agreement the liability of any person legally driving the vehicle specified in the policy is deemed insured.


  • Under the risk: loss caused to property of third persons - 0 or 2600 UAH;
  • Under the risk: loss caused to life and/or health of third persons – not applicable.

Cost of policy

  • From UAH 479 depending on vehicle parameters.


50% discount (in case of insurance of not more than one vehicle with engine volume up to 2500 cm3 that belongs to a citizen of Ukraine on the right of ownership provided that he/she drives the vehicle on his/her own) is given to:

  • Participants of war;
  • Disabled persons of 2 group;
  • Persons affected by Chernobyl accident and persons belonging to I and II categories;
  • Pensioners.

Released from civil liability policy duty:

  • Combat veterans and disabled war veterans as specified by the Law;
  • Disabled persons of 1 group personally driving their vehicles;
  • Persons driving vehicles owned by disabled people of the 1 group in their presence.
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