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The program CASCO “All Inclusive” is a voluntary insurance of light vehicles with maximum period of usage of 10 years (120 months) inclusive as of the date of Insurance Agreement conclusion, as well as additional equipment of vehicle (tele, audio and radio equipment, additional equipment of passenger compartment, light, alarm and other equipment installed in the vehicle but not included to its factory package). 

Insurance of additional equipment is made only together with insurance of the vehicle itself. AE is deemed insured in case of the same events as the vehicle.

Advantages of the product Full CASCO:

  • Legal driving of the vehicle by the driver without additional notification of the Insurer thereof and without additional payment for age and driving experience.
  • Choice of options of insurance indemnity payment at the stage of Insurance Agreement signing
  • Franchise under the risk “Theft” is equal to the franchise under risks “Damages as a result of road accident” and “Damages as a result of other events”, which is a competitive advantage of CASCO agreement from АХА, as in other insurance companies the franchise under the risk “Theft” is much higher than under other risks.
  • No limits for places of vehicle storage.
  • Possibility of insurance payment by several installments under the program “All Inclusive”.
  • Expanded territory of the validity of the agreement, which allows the Insured person to feel protected in case of contingency on roads not only in Ukraine (except for the AR Crimea and Sevastopol) but also in European and CIS countries. Extra charge to insurance tariff for expansion of the territory of the validity of the agreement is not applicable.
  • In case of road accident, the vehicle is taken to the repair station without vising the office of insurance company
  • In case of vehicle damage, the recovery repair of the vehicle is paid for without the deduction of depreciation of spare parts subject to replacement (New for Old)
  • The driver is not required to pass medical examination for alcohol, drug and toxic intoxication unless it is required by law
  • Unique service “Assistance”: organization of evacuation and cover of evacuator costs if the vehicle cannot move on as a result of road accident or in case of other insurance events within the limit under the event in amount of UAH 2000; 3 events are covered through the period of validity of the agreement.
  • In the event of loss (including theft) of keys from the vehicle 50% of documented costs for replacing of door and ignition locks or reprogramming of electronic means of engine start or vehicle opening as well as electronic keys purchase are covered.
Additional information

Insurance amount

  • The insurance amount is determined on the basis of actual (market) value of the vehicle at the moment of Insurance Agreement conclusion.
  • Actual value of the new car is the cost of purchase (sale) specified in the purchase/sale agreement.

Period of validity of the agreement

  • 1 year

Territory of insurance

  • Ukraine (except for Crimea and Sevastopol), European countries, CIS countries, Republic of Georgia.

Insurance risks

  • Theft
  • Damages caused by road accident
  • Damages caused by other events


  • The Agreement provides for unconditional franchise in the amount equal for each of risks “Theft”, “Damage as a result of road accident”, “Damage as a result of other events” – the choice of: 0%, 0.5%, 1%, 2%.

Cost of Insurance Agreement

Insurance payment under CASCO “All Inclusive” is determined according to the following factors:

  • Region (belonging to the region is defined by the address of the owner specified in the vehicle registration certificate);
  • Category of vehicle;
  • Cost of vehicle;
  • Period of usage of vehicle;
  • Amount of franchise chosen by the Insured person depending on the category and cost of vehicle.

Insurance is not issued for:

  • Vehicles used for more than 10 years (120 months) on the date of the Agreement conclusion;
  • Pledged vehicles (car loans);
  • Vehicles taking part in sport competitions;
  • Vehicles used for training;
  • Vehicles used for commercial carriage of passengers;
  • Vehicles for lease;
  • Load carrier vehicles, buses, trailers;
  • Moto-machinery (motorbikes, scooters, mopeds, cyclecar);
  • Vehicles registered outside Ukraine;
  • Vehicles equipped with refrigerator devices, tanks (tank car, tank trailer);
  • Special transport, in particular: cash collection vehicles, ambulance vehicles, fire engines and other emergency vehicles, operational vehicles of the Ministry of Interior);
  • Agricultural and other special machinery (tractors, combines, excavators, cranes, etc.);
  • Protection film installed on vehicles (separate parts of vehicles).

Insurance payment conditions

  • Insurance payment can be made in one, two or four installments.
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