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Green card

Green card is the insurance of vehicle owner liability for damage caused to third persons as a result of road accident, in particular: life, health and/or property of third persons and/or moral damage while travelling to the member countries of the Green Card system.

The insured event includes road accident caused by your fault and resulted in damage to life, health or property of third persons.

Advantages of insurance:

  • “Green Card” policy is applicable to all legal drivers of the vehicle specified therein.
  • Ensuring of indemnity of damages caused by the insured person as a result of road accident on the territory of member countries of the “Green card” system 
Additional information

Insured person

  • Private individual or legal entity

Insurance payment depends on:

  • Territory of insurance policy coverage
  • Type of vehicle
  • Duration of the period of validity of the policy

Insurance premium and procedure of its payment:

  • Amounts of uniform payments for all Insurers are set by MTIBU

Insurance amount

  • Set according to the law of the visited country

Period of validity of the agreement

  • From 15 days to 1 year

Documents required for Green Card policy execution:

  • Identification number
  • Driving license or passport
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • For legal entities additionally – USREOU, tax payer certificate, certificate of enterprise registration, payment details

Territory of insurance

  • European countries included to the international car insurance system “Green Card”. The policy is not valid in Ukraine
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