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Voluntary civil liability

The policy of Voluntary civil liability of vehicle owners (VCL) extends (increases) the insurance amount (insurance cover) if the amount of insurance cover of “Motor Liability Insurance” policy is not sufficient.

Advantages of the insurance:

  • VCL agreement extends the limit of responsibility specified in the “Motor Liability Insurance” agreement;
  • The customer choses the amount of insurance amount (limit of responsibility) under the VCL agreement on his/her own;
  • The Insurer takes responsibility for damages caused both to property and life and/or health of the third persons, i.e., the insurance indemnity under the VCL agreement is paid to third persons within the insurance amount depending on the nature of the caused damage: property or life or health of third persons;
  • Insurance amount is not allocated to limits of responsibility by separate risks;
  • Insurance payment does not depend on the type of vehicle, number of drivers and length of driving experience of the vehicle owner and other persons whose liability is insured under the VCL agreement.
Additional information

Insurance amount

  • Insurance amount (limit of responsibility of the Insurer) under the agreement is chosen by the customer and may make from UAH 50 000 to UAH 1 000 000.

Period of validity of the agreement

  • 1 year

Territory of insurance

  • Ukraine, except for AR Crimea and Sevastopol

Why is the voluntary liability insurance (VCL policy) needed?

  • According to the law, maximum payment to the affected person that can be made by the mandatory liability insurance amounts to: UAH 130 000 (loss for damage caused to property of third persons) and UAH 260 000 (for damage caused to life and/or health of third persons);
  • According to the statistics, in more than 40% of road accidents the loss caused to the property of affected persons exceeds UAH 50 000;
  • To avoid financial problems of the insured persons in case of a road accident, we offer the policy of voluntary insurance of civil liability (VCL) for increase of the maximum amount of insurance indemnity by UAH 50 000 – 1 000 000;
  • For example, if the damage to property of third persons amounts to UAH 170 000, the amount of UAH 130 000 will be covered by mandatory insurance policy while the difference of UAH 50 000 will be covered by the VCL policy.


Under risks of occurrence of civil liability for the damage caused to:

  • Property of third persons as a result of road accident – UAH 130 000;
  • Life and health of third parties – UAH 260 000.

Cost of the policy

  • From UAH 225 depending on the chosen insurance amount (responsibility limit)

Non-indemnified loss

Not indemnified is the loss from damage caused:

  • To life and health of the Insured person (or persons allowed to drive) and passengers of the insured vehicle at the moment of insurance event occurrence;
  • To insured vehicle and property (cargo) contained in the insured vehicle;
  • To life or health of the driver of the insured vehicle determined as responsible for the accident;
  • By reasons known to the Insured person before the Agreement took effect whereon he/she did not inform the Insurer as appropriate;
  • By untargeted usage of the insured vehicle, including its temporary provision to police or health care services for performance of their emergency official or professional duties according to the effective law of Ukraine.

Documents for conclusion of VCL policy:

  • Passport of the Insured person;
  • For private individuals – identification number, for legal entities – USREOU code;
  • Driving license of the respective category (optional);
  • Vehicle registration certificate (technical passport).

Insurance limitations

Insurance is not issued for

  • Vehicles used:
    • For sport competitions;
    • For training;
    • For commercial passenger carriage;
    • For lease;
  • Motorbikes.
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