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Prohibit remote SIM card reissue

Many customers all over the world use their cell number for identification in various online services. Access to your finances management via mobile banking application is no exception, since it is easy and your number is always right at hand.

If you are not a contract subscriber but a pre-paid one, you risk losing your cell phone number due to actions of fraudsters who can get your SIM card recovered remotely without you knowing, and, as the result, you will be without your number and access to your accounts.  

What to do?

To protect yourself and your savings from fraudsters’ actions, you need to prohibit your mobile operator to perform remote SIM card reissue and link financial telephone number to your passport.   

To do so, you have to visit any outlet of your mobile operator with your ID, write relevant application and follow the instructions of the company’s employee. This procedure will take you 10-15 minutes at most.

You can also do this remotely. The detailed instructions are available at the following links:

Please remember that security of your savings depends entirely on you. Even if you have linked your SIM card to your passport, you still need to remain vigilant as fraudsters who would present themselves as the Bank’s security service in order to trick you into divulging your personal banking information by using various persuasions, blandishments or threats may contact you.

To prevent that from happening, you must never disclose to anyone the following information:

  • Expiry date and CVC code of your card shown on its back;
  • SMS passwords sent by the Bank;
  • CA+ and i-Bank login password.  

If you receive a suspicious message about winning in any promotion campaign you have never participated in, you can be sure that it is a fraud. If you receive a suspicious call regarding your banking transactions, end it immediately and call the Contact Center of the Bank at 0 800 30-55-55 to notify about suspicious activities of fraudsters.

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