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Property insurance

Voluntary insurance of property and responsibility related to property usage

Advantages of the products

  • Comprehensive or partial protection of financial interests of the Customer: property and liability
  • Required insurance cover: losses caused by events occurring most frequently are reimbursed
  • Saving of time and money – execution of the Agreement is made without review, description and appraisal of property;
  • Possibility to choose the insurance amount – from UAH 40 000 to UAH 190 000;
  • Possibility to insure rented apartment;
  • Payment is made in amount of loss within the limit under the insurance event – under-insurance ratio (insurance amount to actual cost of the insured property ratio) is not applicable.
Additional information

Policy holder

  • Private individual, private entrepreneur, legal entity intending to voluntarily insure residential property not used for commercial purposes and civil liability before third parties (neighbors).

Insurance object

The program provides for insurance collectively or separately:

  • Of structures with integral utility lines and internal decoration of an apartment or individual residential house (hereinafter, the property);
  • Civil liability before the third parties.

Insurance risks

Property insurance:

  • “Fire”
  • “Natural disasters”
  • “Water action”
  • “Insurance of liability before neighbors”

“Insurance of liability before neighbors” means liability for damage caused to life, health and/or property of the third persons as a result of ownership, usage and/or management of the insured property occurred as a result of Fire and/or Water Action.
Insurance risks included to insurance cover under the insurance agreement are chosen by the Customer in totality or separately.

Insurance options

  • The Customer is given a choice of insurance options depending on the insurance amount from UAH 40 000 to UAH 190 000.

Cost of the agreement

Insurance tariffs and insurance payments are set for each risk separately according to the respective insurance amount option:

  • From UAH 250 to UAH 1216

Insurance payment conditions

  • Insurance payment is made in one amount


  • Franchise is not applicable

Period of validity of insurance agreement

  • Period of validity of the insurance agreement is 1 year or till the first insurance event

Territory of insurance

  • The territory of insurance is actual location of the apartment, house (address)
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