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Expiration of special terms of customer service on loans

12 June 2022

Dear customer!

In this challenging time for us all, the bank is making efforts to support all of its customers with regard to the possibilities and conditions stipulated by the law of Ukraine.

Effective 24.02.2022, the bank introduced special terms for customers including the following: payments under the loan agreement outstanding on due dates will not be considered past due (hereinafter – special terms of service).

Please, be advised that from 31.07.2022 special terms of service introduced by the bank are terminated. Instead, all payments that were not paid while the special terms of service were in effect will be deemed past due on the following dates:

1 - For agreements that have not expired prior to the next date of the monthly payment, that comes after 31.07.2022 under the terms of the loan agreement:

  • for individual customers – in terms of debt on the loan principal amount and accrued and unpaid interest, commission;
  • for legal entity customers (under agreements with monthly repayment schedule) – in terms of debt on the loan principal amount. 

2 - from 01.08.2022 in terms of debt

  • on the loan principal amount – for legal entity customers with loan agreements having repayment schedule of a different periodicity (other than specified in p. 1); 
  • on unpaid interest and commissions – for all legal entity customers;
  • on the loan principal, interest and commissions – for all customers, if the total loan period under the concluded agreements expires prior to 31.07.2022. 

With regard to the above, in order to avoid past due debt after the special terms of service cease to be effective, payment obligations under the relevant loan agreement must be fulfilled.

In case of inability to perform the payment obligations we recommend contacting the bank or calling its contact center at 0 800 30 5555 in order to discuss restructuring options and terms of further debt servicing in accordance with the loan agreement.

We are grateful for your understanding and hope for the most prompt resolution of the situation on the territory of Ukraine.

Contact center Credit Agricole
0 800 30 5555 Free