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Credit Agricole donated more than UAH 2,000,000 for purchase of medical equipment for Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology

21 January 2022

With the assistance of the charity foundation “Your Support”, Credit Agricole purchased an anesthesia and respiratory apparatus at the cost of UAH 2.1 million for the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of NAMS of Ukraine (IPOG). It is designed for supporting the lives of children in the course of surgical operations.

«Together with Credit Agricole, we resolved nearly the most acute problem of the children health care center – IPOG. The new medical equipment is critically important for saving lives as the old anesthesia apparatus was on its last legs. We thank Credit Agricole for its systemic approach to charity, involvement and readiness to good deeds. We implemented this project super-quickly, in a supersonic aircraft mode”, Valeriia Tatarchuk, the Head of “Your Support” charity fund. 

Every year, 4.5 thousand children with gastrointestinal system issues that can be operated only in IPOG are born in Ukraine.

«Miracles are made by people and companies that care. I believe that the new anesthesia equipment at IPOG will become a reliable assistant in creating thousands of miracles performed by our doctors during highly complex surgical operations! We thank our reliable charity partner and the best fundraising company of 2021 “Your Support” for their help in the implementation of our initiative as well as the bank’s team, who in coordinated effort completed all the stages of the project in one day – because We Care!. The year of good deeds has started!”, Viktoriia Torianyk, Head of Brand and Communications Department of Credit Agricole Bank. 

Credit Agricole has recently won the award of the “Best CSR bank Ukraine 2021” in the rating by the reputable British publication Global Banking & Finance Review.

Since 2016, Credit Agrcole has been implementing a large-scale program of corporate social responsibility «We Care!» that includes charity, volunteering, environmental initiatives, and caring about the staff. In 2021, Credit Agricole became a partner to the All-Ukrainian charity project “Your Dream – Your Day” and donated UAH 150 thousand, while the bank employees raised more than UAH 120 thousand in the framework of two initiatives: “Charity Lots from Board Members” and “Health Gift Shop”. In 2020, the bank implemented the biggest charity project in its history: it allocated UAH 11.2 million for purchase of medical equipment to help Ukraine fight COVID-19. Together with its partner CF “Your Support”, the bank purchased 99 units of various medical equipment for 10 hospitals in 8 regions, including ALV and US apparatuses and patient monitors. Moreover, Credit Agricole cares about the environment and implements its Climate Strategy, carries out regular audits, and uses energy efficient technologies.  

About Credit Agricole: 

JSC “Credit Agricole Bank” is a modern universal bank provides the entire range of banking services, is the leader in car lending, and strategic partner to agribusiness. The bank belongs to the international Credit Agricole Group (France), the European leader in bancassurance and asset management, and the bank No 1 according to Euromoney. Reliability and business reputation of Credit Agricole Ukraine is confirmed by the leading positions in the ratings of bank resilience, reliability of bank deposits, and the most profitable banks, as well as by 264,000 active private customers and more than 31,000 business customers, including 1,160 multinational and large corporations, 1,580 medium-sized corporate clients and more than 28,480 SMEs and entrepreneurs. According to the NBU, the bank is among the TOP-10 in the market by the amount of assets.

Credit Agricole is also a socially responsible bank. Since 2016 the bank has been running a wide-scale Corporate Social Responsibility program «We Care!», which includes 4 major areas such as charity, eco initiatives, volunteering and caring about employees. . 



Viktoriia Torianyk, Head of the brand and communications department of Credit Agricole Bank.


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