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Questions and answers concerning limits on payments, transfer and withdrawal of funds from cards

09 August 2022

From July 21, 2022, the National Bank of Ukraine introduced the additional measures aimed at stabilizing the currency market. Namely, the changes concern limits on payment, transfer and withdrawal of funds from UAH payment cards abroad. Additionally, Credit Agricole has some internal card limits in order to satisfy cash demand of the maximum number of customers. Here we address the most frequently asked questions from our customers about the current card limits:

What amount of money can be withdrawn from an ATM from one’s UAH card abroad

  • When abroad, cash withdrawal limit on a UAH card is the equivalent of 12.5 thousand hryvnias per 7 days.  Let us note that the cash withdrawal fee abroad from all debit cards of our bank equals 1% of the transaction amount, in addition the extra fee on cash withdrawal can be charged in accordance with your card tariffs.

What is the amount I can pay with my UAH card in retail network and on the internet when abroad? 

  • Monthly limit for UAH card payments abroad equals 100 thousand hryvnias. It is the combined limit for all UAH accounts of a customer with the bank.

How can I transfer funds abroad

  • SWIFT transfers in the bank outlets are available for the following transactions:
  • Payment for medical treatment abroad, transportation of patients, expenses due to death of the citizens abroad
  • Tuition payment in overseas education institutions
  • Alimony payments

How currency conversion works when you pay with your card abroad:

  • When you pay for a purchase with your card, the respective amount converted into the card currency is blocked in your account. However, it is not the final amount to be debited!
  • Actually, your account will be charged later, in the 30 day period after making a purchase (in 99% of cases the funds are debited within 2-3 days), in accordance to the FX rate on the day of the actual debit of funds. You can check the exchange rate in the Card Transaction section here:

Thus, due to FX rate fluctuations there can be a difference between the amount blocked and amount charged to your account. The final amount can be either higher or lower than the amount blocked.

 For more details on currency conversion when making card payments abroad, follow the link 

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