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Act of negative targeted communication campaign against Credit Agricole Bank and its employees

06 February 2018

Official bank’s statement

Late November 2017 the targeted negative communication campaign regarding one of Credit Agricole Bank top-managers has been launched in online web resources. This campaign started with the false information published on the website with reference to an unknown source at the National Police mentioning the employee of Credit Agricole Bank allegedly was involved in the incident with a violation of the road traffic regulations.

The days after the new negative article with some invented information targeting the same CAU’s top-manager appeared on the same web resources. On 19 December the third wave of negative communication with referrals to false criminal cases with allegedly involvement of the same top-manager appeared on the broader number of web resources.

On 11 January 2018 new wave of negative articles targeting the same employee of Credit Agricole was launched.

Credit Agricole Bank once again draws attention to the following:

  • The situations described in the materials of the sites are completely false and do not have any factual basis.
  • The tone and the subject of the published materials, several waves of disinformation, targeting concrete personality, the same websites, the reference to the unknown sources, the absence of any factual sources of evidence indicate the planned and ordered nature of this articles.
  • Credit Agricole Bank regards this negative communication campaign as intended to damage the reputation of the bank and its employees. The defamation and false information distribution that harms the reputation is punishable by law. Credit Agricole demands to stop this negative communication, delete all these false articles and publish the refutation. Otherwise Credit Agricole will defend its reputation in accordance with the procedure established by law.
  • Credit Agricole Bank asks its clients and partners never trust this kind of publications and consider it as an act of negative targeted communication campaign against the bank and its employees.

Credit Agricole Bank, which is a part of one of the biggest financial groups in the world - Credit Agricole (France), has proven itself as a stable organization with excellent reputation. The bank strives to apply the best standards of compliance, ethics and business transparency, and strictly adheres to Ukrainian legislation. Credit Agricole Bank is among the «TOP-10 companies with the highest level of reputational stability» and in «TOP-3 banks with the best reputation» («Reputation ACTIVists, «Business» magazine, 2017).

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