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Credit Agricole launched new Internet bank for business CORPEX

19 September 2022

Credit Agricole launched CORPEX – a new high-tech Internet bank for legal entities and entrepreneurs. This is a convenient and fully functional tool to manage finance online. With CORPEX, an entity can perform any finance management operations quickly and easily, waste less time for routine tasks, and focus on strategic issues resolution. A powerful platform on which the internet bank is implemented allows us to continuously upgrade the system responding to the needs of our customers and demands of time. This is fully in line with the objective to create a full-scope digital banking service ecosystem directly in the customer’s account and save time needed for branch visiting.  

“We continue to invest in the development and launch new digital solutions. Working on CORPEX, we took into account nearly 30 years of experience of the bank’s cooperation with business in the Ukrainian market, advantages of our previous client-bank version, and international experience of Credit Agricole Group represented in 47 countries. New Internet bank is another important step towards our dream: to be 100% digital and 100% human. Almost a year ago, we proposed our international corporate customers to try CORPEX. Having received positive reviews from the most demanding audience and having improved the system, we can confidently present our new Internet bank for all business customers. Whatever we do, we keep you in mind!”, Alexandre Tchesnakoff, Director of Corporate Business and Agri-Agro of Credit Agricole.  

Thus, business customers of the bank can already assess all the benefits of CORPEX Internet bank that allows them not only to make payments, but also to enjoy a convenient interface. All features are as secure as possible, available online and all over the world. 

Credit Agricole gradually transfers all customers using the Style Internet bank to the new CORPEХ and, at the same time, offers system connection to its new customers.

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