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To the attention of PI clients

24 September 2018

Please be informed that according to the clause 3.3.1 of the * Rules of comprehensive banking servicing of private individuals in PJSC CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, from 2October 2018, the issuance / re-issuance of cards within the framework of the following banking products shall be stopped:

  • Basic card
  • Marine Card

For further information, please consult the managers in the outlets of the Bank.

 *3.3.1. Due to the changes in banking services environment and inflation processes taking place in Ukraine, amendments to the Legislation, requirements of Credit Agricole Group etc., in accordance with the article 651of the Civil Code of Ukraine, terms and conditions of the Agreement, Tariffs, Rules, the Bank may unilaterally change the amount of interest rate at which the interest are accrued for the Client’s account balance having previously informed the Client about such Changes not later than 15 calendar days and the Counter Account Holders not later than 30 calendar days before implementing such Changes. The notifications of Changes shall be sent in the way specified by the Client in the Questionnaire and/or by means of posting notices in the nationwide mass media, and/or on the official website of the Bank, and/or in the Account Statement, and/or on the informational stands in the entities of the Bank, and/or in any other way at the Bank’s choice. Should the Client disagree with the Changes, he/she may terminate the Agreement early without additional commissions for its termination having previously repaid all the debts under the Agreement. In other cases, such Changes shall be considered accepted by the Client if prior to the date from which they shall be implemented, the Client has not informed the Bank about terminating the Agreement.

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