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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether my card allows using 3D Secure technology?

CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK cares about our customers’ payment security; therefore all cards issued by the Bank, without exception, will be connected to 3D technology automatically and for free.

Can I refuse to use this service?

The use of 3D Secure is aimed at the protection of funds of the Bank’s customers, therefore the service is mandatory. Moreover, you will not be able to make a purchase at web-sites that support 3D Secure without prior activation and use of this service.

I have a foreign mobile phone operator. How do I activate the service?

In such case, you can seek help of the Bank’s Contact Centre. You should call the number of the hotline indicated on the reverse side of your card.

How do I activate the service if my name and surname are not indicated on the card?

To activate an instant re-issued card without the name of the cardholder on it, you should enter the word INSTANT in the field “Name and surname on card”.

What should I do if my card is blocked for Internet transactions because of the incorrect input of data?

If you enter wrong activation data 3 times or in the process of using the service, your card will be blocked for Internet transactions.. To get your card unblocked, you should call the Bank’s hotline using the phone numbers indicated on the reverse side of your card.

What should I do if I am not receiving the one-time password via SMS?

If the input of one-time password is required by 3D Secure screen forms, and you are not receiving the OTP to your phone, please, make sure that:

- your mobile phone is switched on, the account is not locked, and you are located within the area of operator coverage;

- you have enough free space on your SIM card to receive new SMS messages (you should delete old SMS, if needed);

 - The account is not blocked, your tariff package allows for receipt of SMS messages, and roaming service is enabled (if you are located outside of your home network).

 If all of the above-mentioned conditions are met, please try to repeat your payment once again or call the Bank’s Hotline phone numbers indicated on the back of your card.

Can I make a payment on a website that does not support 3D Secure?

If an online store does not support 3D Secure (there is no  Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode ™ logo on its website), you can make a payment by entering the details of your card that are required by the store. However, in this case your payment transaction will not be protected by 3D Secure.

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