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Variable interest rate information

The size of the variable interest rate is calculated by the formula (taking into account the requirements of Article 10561 of the Civil Code of Ukraine):

Fixed margin + UIRD (12m)*, where:

Fixed margin is a constant part of the interest rate over the entire loan term.

The fixed margin is:

 Fixed margin for UIRD value (12m)
For clients who receive wages or income from entrepreneurship to an account with CREDIT AGRICOLE1,79%
For other customers2,79%

UIRD (12m) - “Ukrainian index of rates on deposits of individuals” in hryvnia for 12 months, which is fixed on the first working day of the calendar month preceding the month when the decision to issue a loan / month of revision of interest rates was made. Published on the NBU website:

As of November 1, 2022, the UIRD rate (12m) was 11.68%.

Revision and change of the loan interest rate is made by the Bank each year through the period of validity of the Agreement on the first banking day of January according to the UIRD (12m) rate fixed on the first business day of December of the preceding year.

Maximum increase of the variable interest rate shall not exceed 20 (twenty) percentage points of the variable interest rate set by the Agreement on the date of its conclusion.

*UIRD (Ukrainian Index of Retail Deposit Rates)is the indicative rate calculated at 15.00,Kyiv time each banking day in the system Thomson Reuters on the basis of nominal retail term deposit rates in UAH with interest payment upon expiry of deposit agreement effective in largest Ukrainian banks by amount of retail deposit portfolio

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