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“Telemedicine” service from Premium banking by Credit Agricole and Visa becomes even more comfortable!

30 July 2021

On 27.07.2021, the second stage of “Telemedicine” service available to customers of Premium banking by Credit Agricole – holders of premium cards Visa – was launched.

Major changes:

1. Service menu changed

For your convenience, the menu was divided into several sections: telemedical consultancy, psychologist, PCR test and medical concierge.

2. Access to the service will be based on the card added by the customer to the CHAT bot.

This is why it is important to add the card to the Chat-bot menu.

For that, go to the chat-bot Visa Ukraine:

1) Press the button “Telemedicine”;

2) choose the service;

3) press “Check service availability”;

4) add your active premium card Visa by Credit Agricole.

3. Chat-bot becomes the key communication channel.

Since 27.07.2021, the telephone number for service ordering becomes unavailable. All orders are made only via chat-bot. To use the chat-bot, please validate your card. 

4. The balance of available service is calculated by the chat-bot automatically.

To get the required information, press the button “Check service availability” and see the number of available services.

When you press “Order”, one of the 4 services will be charged off.

5. Card activity control will be introduced for usage of PCR test service

To get a test, you need to make payments for the amount of:

- at least UAH 20,000 – for holders of Visa Infinite cards by Credit Agricole.*

* all transactions for 35 days before service usage are taken into account.

Last 5 days are not included to calculation.

6. Ordering of COVID test service was automated and you can order it via chat-bot, having chosen the place and time yourself.

To do so, choose the city, district and convenient lab from the list. You will receive an SMS message and will be able to talk directly with the specialists of the clinic.

Care about your health with “Telemedicine” service from Premium banking by Credit Agricole and Visa, wheresoever!

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