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New terms of providing Fast Line and MasterCard Lounge services in the Boryspil airport for MasterCard Platinum card holders

19 April 2018

Starting from May 2018, Mastercard introduces changes to the terms of providing Fast Line and Lounge services in the Boryspil airport for Mastercard Platinum card holders. Making purchases for an amount of at least UAH 3 000 by a customer during the preceding 30+5 days* will be a mandatory condition for using Mastercard Lounge area or Fast Line Service for departure. If the condition is fulfilled, the services will be available for a customer; otherwise, the services will be unavailable. Thus, to use Fast Line and have access to Mastercard Lounge area freely in May, please, start making purchases with your Mastercard Platinum card in April.    

For more details about the terms of using the services and the frequently asked questions, please visit Masterсard website.

The terms are valid for Platinum Mastercard® payment card holders.  

*Transactions executed during 5 days prior to the date of using airport services will not be taken into account.


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