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Even in the harshest of circumstances Credit Agricole is working for you

24 November 2022

Dear clients, mobile and internet banking operate reliably as always, so we recommend remote banking for your daily transactions.

Credit Agricole keeps the doors of its outlets open for customers. In the event of a power outage our managers provide exclusively consulting services. Learn the latest and most relevant information on the work of the outlet in your city from your bank manager or by calling our contact center at 0 800 30 5555.

Credit Agricole maintains stable work even during blackouts. Strategically important infrastructure of the bank has got backup power sources. We carry out stress-testing, have clear action plan for communication of responsible employees in all directions, thus enabling us to promptly respond to power cuts, restore operability of the systems within a short timeline and be prepared for the unforeseen situations.

We at Credit Agricole are always happy to support you!

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