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Credit Agricole is among the TOP-5 the most resilient Ukrainian banks according to “Minfin” portal rating

02 June 2022

Credit Agricole took 4th place in the ranking of the most resilient Ukrainian banks by results of Q1 2022, according to “Minfin” portal. This indicates the high ability of the bank to go through tough times and be resistant to destabilizing factors. All this thanks to a solid foundation – high level of client confidence, strong capital and liquidity positions and ongoing support of the international Credit Agricole Group. The rating includes 34 banks with retail deposit portfolios of UAH 1 billion and more.

Each quarter, “Minfin” studies and assesses the resilience of Ukrainian banks based on the information from official and public sources as at the end of quarter. The total score of a banks’ rating is determined as arithmetic average of the scores obtained by a bank in three groups of indicators: resistance of the bank, loyalty of depositors, assessment by analysts. The rating considers the following indicators: asset quality, liquidity, increase of deposit portfolio, financial and payment reputation, availability of external support, and expert assessment. To learn more please follow the link

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