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To attention of individual customers!

30 January 2019

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that interest rates applicable to “Term”, “Monthly income”, “Accumulative”, “Savings”, and “Child” deposits have been changed since 31.01.2019.

Now the maximum interest rate for Term deposit in UAH is 15.5% p.a. *

*Maximum interest rate is available subject to opening “Term” deposit in the minimal amount of UAH 500 000 for a 6-month term with payment of interest upon maturity 

There is a good news for customers using i-Bank. Interest rate for “Savings” deposit in UAH is 16% p.a., if opened via i-Bank for a 6-month term.

For debit card holders, the interest rate applicable to Mobile savings” deposit in UAH is up to 10% p.a.

** Maximum interest rate is available subject to depositing a minimum amount of UAH 250 000

Please be reminded, that in Credit Agricole you can accumulate a significant amount for your child’s future. Profitability of “Child” deposit has become more beneficial – 11.5% p.a. in UAH.

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